Saturday, January 17, 2009

SAS Road Run 2009

it was early in the morning, i woke up, had light breakfast, preparing for the big race. i was like OMG! haha. feeling the adrenaline in me, felt nice, reminds me of a few years back when i was younger. thinking that now, im in form 5, end of the year taking my big huge test. yeahh, seems like just yesterday when it was my first day of school.

OMG! talking bout other things!

so, yeahh! back to the roadrun story :) had to pick karis up. supposedly at 7.10am but i was late by 15 minutes? haha. but we still managed to reach school on time. karis was like counting the minutes in the car. fascinated that we arrived school in 3 MINUTES! haha. blablabla. took my number from diyana. D007! james bond's number? XD well, basically, i choose tht number. i wanted that number cause 7 is my lucky number. diyana was like " make sure you get 1st place later".

at 8.00am, we were told to line up according to class then separated according to our categories. girls we sent up first to the new car park in school, followed by guys at the back. the most unfair thing was that girls had to stand under the hot sun and guys just sat down in the shades. girls were the first to run, from juniors to seniors. before running, almost everyone were like stretching and warming up. soon, the P3 girls were sent running around the muddy field. after that P2, and P1 were next. my heart was pumping as if i saw a ghost. so, to cool down my heart beat, i asked karis for a sip of her 100 plus. she was like "drink already, you must get 1st aa... If not, buy me another bottle of 100 plus". haha.

feeling extremely excited, i ran at an average speed as soon as the gun was shot. running, running, running, while conserving energy. listening to my mp3 while running relaxes me. and the beat from every song kept me running. i was slow at first, then slowly my stamina increases from each step i take. the further i run, the higher my stamina increases. haha. shok chang was in front. i just tried to keep up with her from the back. with the wind in my hair, felt remarkable. i suddenly felt like i was free like a bird, knowing where im going. reality check : you'll never know where you're going in reality. kann? haha. so i loved the feeling. felt like i dont have a problem in life to worry about :)

another 1km to go. ahhh! dying d. so there were 4 ppl ahead of me. the 1st was around 200m away from me. slowly, running in front of each runner. i was at 2nd pace which was 300m away from school. the last 200m i was sprinting the whole way. i was thinking that this will be the last year i'll be running in samad, pluss the 100 plus from karis, and i was thirsty. semangat naik! wooh! haha. all out, i managed to get 1st.haha. managed to aim for my goal :D

my roadrun history

thanks to:
karis punya 100 plus
diyana for pressuring me
and daddy for sending me to taman aman :)

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