Monday, April 5, 2010


now, dancing has always been my passion. last two years, i used to perform a traditional dance for every event in petaling jaya. getting money wasnt really a problem. even thought it was like RM50 per show, at least it was still something. its a start, no? hehe. so, finally i had another feel of a traditional dance performance, once more. it was last saturday. practiced a day before the actual event. it was for my ex school's international understanding day. getting up on that stage, made me feel, happy.. its like, now a days, people tend to not find traditional dances as interesting as the mordern dances. its culture people! & whatever it is, its still our duty to not let our culture fade away. but i was happy that most of the audience were happy with our performance. i think, me and my team did quite a good job, showing people how 'interesting' traditional dances can be (':

here are some photos of last saturday (;

The before look

The after look

haha. yes yes. i know. whats up with the pose? me and purani here, as you all can see, we ARE posers. she's my junior by the way. nice and very ganas. haha. dont you dare mess with her. she BITES :p hehe. oh well.. back to the dancing thing, i really hope i can find people who are intrested in traditional dances in taylors. its a BIG opportunity to learn something new for a change, no? so, why not right? we, as the future generations of malaysia, must somehow help sustain the importance of traditional dances. woohhoooo

ttfn <3
by A.S

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