Friday, May 23, 2014

Clothes Buffet Lucky Draw

In conjunction with the recent Clothes Buffet event, they had Bag of Love to sponsor in one of their giveaways. And if you haven't heard of Bag of Love, here's how it looks like. Not just that, i was actually lucky enough to be one of the lucky winners, so i will be receiving one for myself. Yay! Thank you so much Shopaholics Den! :) Tons of love to you.

So i bet you're wondering whats inside, no? Well Surprise, i tool the curtsy to take some photos as i was unwrapping it. :D Theres like tons of new samples for me to try out, which I'm looking forward to it. Will blog out some beauty product reviews soon. So i hope you do keep on reading.

What Came in the Package. 

Whats Inside.

A mask of love and vouchers.

And some Acne Patch and other stuff.
I would really like to thank A Shopaholics Den for this amazing gift and i shall be looking forward to blog about it again soon! So keep a look out on my page here will you? :)

Tata for now,
Aliza Sara

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