Saturday, May 17, 2014

FH Club : Lavore Review

Hello readers,

Remember i said that i wanted to check out FH Club's website? I decided to check it out, like finally! 
I remember recalling a necklace that i wanted to buy during the Clothes Buffet, held in Syopz, Taylors lakeside. If you want to ready more on the clothes buffet, click here. So lets move on to the site, This is how the site looks like, and there are tons of other brands on sale as well, but in this post, I'm focusing on Lavore. 

Here's just a quick browse through of what they have and how the site looks like, pretty neat and easy to shop i'd say. Everything seems pretty direct to me. What happened was, i couldn't find what i wanted really, so i tried to contact them and described how it looks like, and in what luck, they know which one i was talking about!

They were really nice about it, and i love their customer service, thumbs up on fast response! Well, what i wanted was this necklace, Lavore white rhinestone spike necklace, and it was for only RM16, how can i say no really? Because i simply loved every single detail of it. So, they responded to me by telling me to proceed with payment, where there is an additional charge of RM7 for shipping.

From the day i paid, they were super efficient in posting the necklace out for shipping, it took me 2 days of waiting to receive my necklace. And i had so much love for the necklace received. Quality was good and its not the light kind of necklace. It had weight. So i would assure you quality when you buy anything from them.

So here's my general review on FH Club:
Quality: 9/10
Efficiency: 10/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Packaging: With bubble wrap to protect your goods from being damaged
Shipping: GDex
Price: Reasonable

So yeap, thats pretty much how my white rhinestone spike necklace looks like from lavore. Aint it pretty? Well, thats all for now, just wanted to show off my new necklace maybe. haha

Tata for now,
Sara xx

If you would like to check out FH Club, check them out here

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  1. Noticed you posted about FH Club...I just received death threats from the founder, Michael Tan. And on top of it all, he can admit he conned me and still say it's my fault. Seriously suggest considering not supporting his business and such behaviour. I've posted a 5 minute clip and evidence.

    Posted about it here: