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My clothes Buffet Haul - 2014 Review

Hey guys,

Apologies for my delay in posting about my post event on the clothes Buffet held in Syopz, Taylors Lakeside campus. So, here's whats happening. The event was a 3 days straight event, where you can pick a date between the 25th of April till the 27th of April. So which one did i picked? I picked the 1st day of course! would want to miss out on the first come, first serve collection. teehee

Did i also mentioned that i pre-bought my tickets to attend for the buffet? YES I DID! I had to pay the same amount as the people who were walk-ins as well, which was a solid flat rate of RM60 per bag. It actually saved me the hassle to line up to buy tickets thats for sure. If you're wondering what slot i bought, I bought the 25th April 2014 slot at 11.00am, to avoid the lunch crowd who were planning to come.

But of course, the problem with pre-buying tickets is always how sure will you turn up on time? So, i was at Port Dickson the day before and i emailed them to inform that i might not be able to make it for the 11am slot, and i asked whether if its possible to change my timing to slightly later like 1pm? And guess what? THEY ALLOWED ME TO! :DDDD That my friend, totally made my day. They were super nice to allow me to change my timing and provided me with a new receipt to confirm on my time change. Thank you ASD, for the amazing customer service. <3 br="">

So here is what it looks like at Syopz, theres around 7 gigantic baskets, filled with clothes. But the tricky part was knowing which basket has your golden treasure. 

On top of finding your golden treasure, you have to attempt battle with all these people. haha

Since it was my first time attending a clothes buffet event, i was pretty nervous to prepare myself before being in battle. (things that were in my head: what if someone starts grabbing what i got first?, what if this woman wants it so bad and i end up getting scratch?, what if my bag can't fit all the things i want?, what if i need more time? ) hahaha. all that was like rushing into my head during the moment.

So basically what would happen, the minute you arrive, is that you will have to register yourself, by providing your name and time slot. After you're done with that, they'll give you your bag, stating the time of your slot as well. Here's a general description of the rules there:

RM60 for 1 bag 9 x 14 inches. 
Penalty of RM20 if your bag is torn.
15 minutes to get all the clothes you want in the bag.
Don't start a cat fight to get what you want.

This is where the line starts. where you can see the people before your slot, grabbing clothes.

And here is my bag. How big is the bag? Well its 9 x 14 inches. Big enough to stuff 20 items apparently (the highest number at the event day)
So being in that tiny battle field, people usually go for what they see first, i decided to avoid the crowd and aimed for the last one which was at the end, which was a super smart idea! i didn't had to like rush into things, pretty much took my sweet time to pick and really evaluate what i wanted. Then i slowly made my was to the next basket next to it, slowly towards the crowd. It felt super weird being in the area i must say, cause you'll have people looking at you rushing into finding treasures. It was embarrassing to have my friends finding me in the area looking like a monsters trying to dig for treasures since we only had like 15 minutes to grab what we want. You can imagine how hectic it was.

Theres a count down timer there as well to remind us how much time we have which i thought was very considerate. So the tricky part was really fitting everything without breaking the bag. I didn't exactly decide what i wanted till the end, instead whatever i liked, i grabbed it and roll it up to fit in the bag, one by one. So that I'm aware of how many pieces i can fit in.

So i bet you're wondering whats my outcome at the end of the day?

drum roll please! 















Taadaa, ignore the laid back outfit i was wearing. It was a pretty laid back day for me okay. haha. Anyways, i managed to fit 3 dresses, 5 tops, a pair of leggings and 2 belts. Thats a total of 11 items yo! which means, i got each item for RM5.45 since i just paid RM60 for the bag. SO MUCH WIN!

Thats not all really, since theres these people walking around to promote Durian a , which was a site to help you sell your unwanted treasures, they were giving out free goodie bags, all you need to do was to download the app on your phone, and the reusable bag was all yours! I was too lazy to crazy my bag of clothes, so getting a reusable bag would do much harm. :)

Thats my car pandora checking out what i brought home. 
My reusable bag from Duriana, thanks duriana! It has done justice :)
My 3 dresses that i managed to find.

My 3 uber comfy long sleeved tops. Top notch quality assured ;)

2 sleevelss tops and tribal leggings.
& 2 belts that i found and was able to fit into the bag.

Thats not all i got from the event, other that the buffet going on, there was a clearance sale by Aussino and a fashion bazaar going on at the other end of the buffet area. I didn't really buy anything from the bazaar as i didn't have much cash on me, and i didn't really want to take money out at the time. But theres this one shop which fancied me, because they were having a major sale on accessories! The shop is called FH btw. I wanted to buy so many of their goodies, but i was cashless remember? haha. sad case. but here's what i bought cause i though it looked lovely.

Since i wanted to buy more of their stuffs, i might check them out again soon for online purchases.
Don't they look pretty? only for RM14, Steal!

And i forgot to mention that i got this top for free! the clothes buffet were giving out a top to the few who pre-purchase tickets online. And I'm one of them, yayerz.

And thats all for now, i was slightly disappointed with the variety that they have on that day, but i guess its my luck for being slightly late. Im sure all the nicer collection would be earlier in the morning. But never less, i still love the outcome of today. Loving every single one of the outfits!

Till then, have a great weekend ahead!

with love,
Sara xx

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