Thursday, November 13, 2014

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS : Kim Kardashian goes butt naked on a cover of a mag

If you haven't heard, Kim Kardashian had a revealing cover shoot for Paper Magazine.  Her makeup artist says the theme was just oil and great lighting to make her look amazing, to redefine the whole Kim Kardashian is famous for, contouring. This certainly wasn't the case according to Mario Dedivanovic (Kim's makeup artist). The make up was actually a really quick 20 minutes, but the hair took really long to perfect it.

The Magazins winter cover featuring Mrs Kanye West being butt-naked as she emerges from a black beaded evening gown. The shoot took place during Paris Fashion Week, and the inspiration was simple and sweet. The inspiration was basically just to make her look beautiful and herself. I assume that in this case, it was more to defining feminine beauty with the curves that Kim is famous for.

Kim Kardashian claims that she has to regrets and will continue to do sexy shoots as long as she's in shape. AND not to forget its also because Kanye loves it! As long Kanye gets all the guys jealous, why not flaunt off your amazing booty wifey? not that i want that to ever happen to me. HAHA

Moving on, nn an honest opinion, i think it was a playful photoshoot, not that its entirely wrong to break the internet, but she is a symbol of how a woman should be, confident and bold. But this photo has attracted so many attention to create funny meme's and also raising questions which doesn't affect her in any way, as she's just getting more attention and fame which is what she enjoys. As if having a reality show isn't good enough to let the whole world to know about her life.

The shoot was actually inspired by an old photo by Jean-paul Goude "Carolina Beautmont, New York, 1976. Above would be the photo that inspired Kim Kardashian to shoot in such a way. With a sexy body like hers, who wouldn't? Well, everyone will definitely have a say to the photo, but I'm not as bothered. The whole concept of it that people are getting it wrong would be that Paper Magazine is wrongly attributing the inspiration for Kim Kardashians cover to the vintage Goude photo called "Champagne Incident". The photo is more than just about balancing skills, a innocent mistake perhaps.

In Jean Pauls Goude photo, the

"subject wears an exotic hairstyle and smiles for the camera in the pose of a happy savage pleased to serve. Which suggests her complicity in having her body depicted as a literal object, a primitive vision to provide pornographic pleasure and intoxication presumably for a white male spectator"

Kim on the other hand, wears a sequin dress and expensive jewellery. She's definitely here not to serve. She definitely succeeded in flooding the Interwebs, although , we're all not too sure bout the memes were thinking the same way as Kim. Here are some of the meme's that are going viral!

Well Kim herself had a few opinions about the daring new shoot, but these stunning shots has been leaving us with one question: How long until kims butt goes rogue and lands a magazine cover of its very own?

Today i'll be signing off as your gossip girl 101. haha.

Till then,
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