Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Introducing to you the new online shopping sensation iPrice

Hello fellow readers!

Im sure we all have heard about River Island and American Apparel in the fashion industry right? These brands are a must to see especially when you're a fan of travelling & shopping. Sometimes i wish we had all these to be introduced into our society, but we don't have the advantage as everything doesn't seem to be available around here.

In this post, i would like to specify a special discovery if you're a fan of online shopping. I mean, common, in our current generation, online shopping has been the most convenient way to shop. You don't even have to move an inch, and you'll get your purchases sent to you directly to your location. Thank god to technology!

Anyways, I'm sure we all know Groupon, Zalora and Lazada as one of the fast growing online shopping sites, but here is a new discovery where you can find amazing brands that we can't find in Malaysia. This is where you stand out from the crowd by having things that our current asian stores can't provide. The beauty of online shopping, is usually finding treasures of the world.

So, recently, i bumped into an online shop, known as iPrice. What caught my eye was that i can find all these brands that i can't find around here, from River Island to  American Apparel to Cheap Monday and also Dr Martens. And the best part, they all come in affordable prices. Here are some products i took of the things that caught my eye from the website:

1. Cheap Monday, Snake Bracelet
2. River Island, Red Tribal Bead Bracelet pack
3. Cheap Monday, Eye Earring
4. Cheap Monday, Eye Bracelet
6/7. River Island, Marl Crew Neck T-Shirt
8. American Apparel, ringed Cotton Spandex Jersey Too Shorts Tube Dress.
9. American Apparel, Printed Spandex Jersey Crop Tee Afrika Print
10. American Apparel, Leopard Print Spandex Jersey Crop tee
How can you not love all these brands?! Im already keeping an eye on a few things that i have in mind. Not only that you get amazing stuff from their website, but also you can get coupons to shop with on Zalora or Lazada if you're tempted to shop at other sites as well. If you are from Malaysian you can check out Malaysia's iPrice Coupons here for your convenience or if you're on a Singapore site, you can click here for Singapore's iPrice Coupons.

A screenshot of choices on discount codes! 
Not only that they have a variety of collection for girls, but also for the boys as well. So boys, you're in luck! Because this might be one of your resources to owning one of the coolest rare tops and accessories that you can't find anywhere else in our country. Or maybe, if you don't know what to get your man for Christmas, this might be the answer to all your shopping sorrows of finding the right one!

24:01 accessories at super affordable prices.
1. Burtons Menswear London ; Leopard Geo T-Shirt
2. Burton Menswear London ; Military Pebble Chino Shorts
3. Burton Menswear London ; Red Barrel Bag
4. 24:01 Mens Stainless Steel Buckle Leather Wristband

I can assure you that you won't regret shopping on iPrice or you can consider getting free coupon codes from them when you shop on Lazada or Zalora. So much win! Currently, iPrice is available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and Philippines.

Hoping that you lovely people find this post informative! Till then. xx

Much love,
Aliza Sara

For more information on iPrice:
Official Website
iPrice Coupon Malaysia
iPrice Coupon Singapore

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