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Introducing you to Kracie X The Butterfly Project

Hello everyone!

The event location at Full House, Sunway Pyramid.

Other butterflies, taking photos at the event to remember the event. Aren't they adorable? 

I know i was suppose to blog about my event from Kracie which was way back to two weeks ago, definitely charged as guilty for delaying the post, my bad! But before i start, let me just explain more on the event, basically, the event was held at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid at 12pm till 2pm on the 31st of October. And what a coincidence that it was on Halloween! Apparently, to attend the event, it had a theme, where everyone had a dress code to be dressing up in a Kawaii outfit. So yes, Kawaii girl on the loose on Halloween. Good news, would be that i didn't have to think of what to dress up as. LOL.

Mr Kojima, presenting some of the range of hair care by Ichikami.
The event started with Mr Kojima, giving an introduction of the purpose of the event by explaining about how Kracie begun. He was very happy to meet all of us, and i found it fascinating that he was explaining everything in Japanese. But of course we had a translator as our emcee, so thank god for that. Lets start with an introduction to Kracie, if you haven't heard of Kracie, well, its actually a renamed brand of Kanebo. Yes, Kracie is actually by Kanebo. Surprise! And we all know how good Kanebo is right?! Its amazing because they believe in details on all components of your living lifestyle. So it has a long history of 128 years, where it started in 1887. This is assured that the products they have been creating is really good, knowing that its still growing after over a decade of existence.

There are two main brands under Kracie that i would like to highlight in this post, which would be "Ichikami" their hair care series and also their mask range by the name "Hadabisei".

So how did Ichikami came around? The ancient Japanese believe that beautiful hair represents who they are, where Ichikami directly means "Hair comes first". Ichikami has a special hair care ingredient, which is made out of rice brand. We had a demonstrator to demonstrate how the product can do wonders. 

Left: Before Styling, Right: After Styling
Its amazing how not only that Ichikami protects your hair, but also it leaves a natural look to it while it treats your hair with the right nutrients. I managed to have a hold of her hair, and it felt really smooth and healthy, as if the curls was her natural hair. 

Below would be some of the ranges of hair care by Ichikami.

Ichikami uses Japanese Botanical essences to not only repair existing hair damages, but also to prevent future damages as well. It is formulated with repair and prevention ingredients, "Pure Japanese Botanical Essences". And to think its so easy to treat your hair now with Ichikami that you don't even need to do treatment at a hair saloon. It generates fine lather and cleans hair gently while protecting your hair against further damage from normal shampoo.

The Ichikami comes in 2 different types:
1. Smooth Care Line: for frizzy, permed, coloured, tangled, stiff and oily hair
2. Moist Care Line: for Brittle, dry and dull, with split ends

Ichikami Wasou Yu Special Hair care:
Wasou Yu, is a pure botanical hair oil, and all the butterfly bloggers actually had the opportunity play around with the product. I managed to apply several drops at the ends of my hair, and it felt amazing. It was an instant treatment to treating your hair within less than 30 seconds. It had a very decent smell of cherry blossom in every drop of it. Smells good, treats your hair, what more can you ask for?! 

Ms Keko, explaining the position of Ichikami worldwide.

Moving on, Ms Keko also had a say on the product representing Kracie. Did you know that Ichikami is positioned at the 6th best hair care brand all around the world? And the secret ingredient to Ichikami hair care range is rice. It is believed that rice had nutrients that are good for your hair as its organic and non acidic like other hair treatments nowadays.

Not only they have hair care, but they also had a range of face mask as well, known as Hadabisei. Mr Kojima was a good sport to volunteer on trying out the product. According to Ms Keko, 15 minutes of this mask would help your skin relax and restores all the nutrients that it needs to keep it looking healthy and moist. And the best part, its good for people with sensitive skin as its very gentle.

Mr Kojima with a Hadabisei Mask on.

The ranges of mask by Hadabisei.
The variety of Hair care products by Ichikami, Kracie.

Me (with a kawaii pose) with Mr Kojima
And if you're wondering what i wore to the event, or #ootd, here is what i looked like. Haha. I was going as a nerdish Kawaii Girl. Hoping that i pulled it off the right way. Please say it worked. Teehee. or if it didn't, guess I'm not Japanese enough. *pouts sad face*

^ nerdish kawai girl

And before i end, the best part to any event would be meeting such amazing people and also making new friends. Here are some other photos i took at the event, and i met some familiar faces too! Ladies who never fail to look amazing every time i see them ;)

With Syafiera and mamasan Tammy with her amazing locks of turquoise hair.  
And meet Jessy the KL Chic. 

In a more general term, if you would like to know where you can get these amazing products, you can  head on over at any Aeon wellness stores in:

Mid Valley, Bandar Utama, Taman Maluri, Taman Equine, Queensbay, Bandar Sunway, Bukit Indah, Mahkota Cheras, ePermas Jaya, AU2, Bukit Tinggi , Kulai, Bandaraya Malacca, Metro Prima, Subang Jaya, Bangsar South, Penang Prai ,Ipoh Station 18, Bandar Puchong, Bukit Mertajam, Wangsa Maju, River City, Alpha Angle, Quill City, IOI Putrajaya Citymall, Taiping Mall, Tropicana City mall and etc.

For more information of Kracie, click on the logo.
Or if you need to locate Aeon Stores, click on the logo here:

Well, i hope you find this post informative. Till then lovelies. Do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions to ask. Don't worry, i won't bite.

Much love,
Aliza Sara

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