Thursday, January 22, 2015

Its Pink-February!

Hello everyone, as we all know that valentines is just around the corner, i have decided to do a Pink February sensation! Well, why pink? Because its the colour of love *inserts heart emoticon here*

Here are some of my selected essentials that i will be using to create my Pink-February look. 
1. Lip Tatto Shinzens, RM168
2. Maybelline Baby Lips in Electro Pop in Pink Shock, RM10.90
3. Colour Collection Hotlights in Sparkle, RM24.90
4. Dolly wink eye liner, RM49.00
5. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Berry Sexy, RM9.90

First, i decided to apply some lip tattoo by Shinzens to moist and get a natural shine to my lips before applying Baby Lips by Maybelline. By applying the lip tattoo, you can see that the colour goes darker naturally and it also moistures your lips too!

Next, apply Baby Lips by Maybelline to your lips to get a slightly darker pink. And guess what? It works wonders on your lips too! It moisturises and keeps your lips hydrated. Talk about double moisture power! The best part about this lip balm is that it does add some colour onto your lips, but at  the same time it keeps your lips looking natural. Not too dark, but it compliments your lips to be looking natural in February.

Next would be the final touch of applying Color Hotlights in Sparkle. This is my personal favourite, and I'm going to definitely tell you all about it! The word hotlights literally means 'lights', in what way? Do refer to photo attached below. 

Aint it cool or what? Especially at times when it gets pretty dark, you are still able to get just light to touch up your lips before the lights come on, keeping you looking amazing even in the dark. There is also a mirror attached with the base of the the tube, just good enough to apply some gloss and shine on your lips. Loving how it looks so naturally sparkly, who would want to kiss on valentines with Hotlights on your lips? *wink

 Next would be that you can apply some eyeshadow, just to match the outfit you're wearing or simple a day of going nude. NO! not literally nude, but nude as in without make up. Teehee. Whats so special about this eyeliner would be that its easy to apply as it has a sharp tip where its easy to draw designs on your eyelids. Very smooth, very easy to apply. Did i also mention that its from Japan? Whats there not to love when it comes with precisions?

And of course, the Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Berry Sexy! Its amazing how i loved the colour! Very fierce yet classically elegant. Embracing the true women we are. 

*Drum rolls please*

As for the final outcome, this is the overall view of it. Im not sure about you, but i think i look pretty natural. HAHA. If you have your own pink-february look, don't forget to hashtag #pinkfebruary and share some of your definition of #pinkfebruary. Well, thats all for now. Toddles

With love,
Sara, xx

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