Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year, New Inspirations, Hello sporty 2015.


And yes, with every new year, there is always a new look to look forward to. And in my case, i've decided to be uber different! Well, in my opinion,  whats trending right now would be a luxe look. But I'm feeling a little sporty this year with all the marathon runs i'll be joining. Therefore, in a conclusion, i have decided to put a unique notch to it by adding something way different than the main streams.

We all used to have those days when we go for baseball matches or any sport matches which requires being under the sun, and we would have to nifty baseball snapbacks to protect us from the sun right? Well, I've decided to bring the baseball caps back into action, but of course, with a slight twist to it *wink

New Era Boston Red Sox Diamond Era Pop in Gray/Mint, $34.95

So here is what i would define a mix of Luxe + Sporty outfit to get you looking on the go and fabulous at the same time. I've been browsing Fanatics for some pretty cool sports caps and this New Era Boston Red Sox Diamond Era Pop in Gray/Mint caught my eye. LIKE YES! Super perfect of how i would definite a luxurious sporty look. I liked the colour combo and also the texture of the cap as gives me a depth of the material looking amazingly sporty. And also because i like Red Sox. Now the challenge would be how would i style a snapback and at the same time look posh? Well, guess i kind of figured it out! 

The Luxe + Sporty Look.
Well, this is it! I was going through MLB hats from Fanatics. What and where is Fanatics from? If you're unsure, if you haven't heard, they are the leading websites for everything sports! Even their logo tell you everything, "where sports fan shop". I didn't want to over do it with my outfit, so basically toning the whole style down and highlighting the snapback to complete the outfit naturally. If you're interested in the whole look, be sure to check out MLB Hats on Fanatics. 

Well, i hope you find your new years resolution in styling yourself to be looking amazing for 2015. Do drop a comment if you've found your new look with #snapbacks back into action! Hope you loved the outcome i came up with, cause it literally came from the heart. If you're interested in the whole look and would like to check Fanatics out, well just scroll and click here.

Hope you love the outfit i compiled to inspire you with a more sporty chic trend. Till the next time, unicorns.


For more information on Fanatics: 

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