Saturday, January 17, 2015

Shinzen's Lip Tattoo Review

So, I finally have the privilege to own my very on SHINZENS lip tattoo! I've always been stopped by promoters to try it out, especially when I'm in Pavillion. Its pretty cool that it change colour through your skin temperature, but the reason i never really got the chance to actually buy it was because i thought it was a little bit too pricey. BUT YAY! Thanks to the butterfly project, i officially have my very own SHINZENS lip tattoo. T.T

And here i am sharing my experience of using it. It was one of the highlights that butterflies were receiving in their Christmas Box. A little bit of an introduction on SHINZENS, its a skincare and cosmetic brand originated from Korea, and I'm sure we'all know what Korea is famous for right? And the spectacular feature of this would be that its purely made out of natural and botanical ingredients. Out with the fake, in with the organic ingredients right? Security wise, it feels a whole lot better when  the ingredients are natural, so thats a plus!

I made a check of the ingredients as well as its made out of water, mineral oil, caprylic / caprice Triglyceride, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Bees wax and many more. So sound pretty decently safe to me. And in the photo above, you cam see that it states that its made in korea at the bottom of the bottle.

Well, when i took it out, its looks similar to any other lip gloss with the brush tip at the end. But what I'm more curious about is that why is is white? Like, would my lips be covered in white lipgloss? would it just shine my lips? Well, my friend, it does more than just that! It actually changes colour once applied. Its similar to a stain which would last for about 6 hours in my case, since i tend to eat and drink a lot. (also the habit of wiping my lips with tissue) And its still there. I love how natural the colour is.

And how it works? well, Im assuming that the colour changes depending on your temperature. Where the warmer your body temperature is, the more pinkish you lip colour will be. Here's a photo of the before and after of the Shinzen's lip tattoo when applied.

As you can see, the colour just changes into a more  darker natural pink where it doesn't leave your lips looking pale. I loved the minute i swiped it on my lips and it instantly changed into a natural pink tone on my lips.

The after application changed my lip tone to be more balanced and even within less than a minute. From uneven lips to even lips. How cool is that? I like the natural touch to it as it doesn't 'over do it' with the whole colour, leaving it looking more natural and sheer. If you're wondering, you can get this at any Shinzens store at the price of RM168 for 8ml in Malaysia.

In conclusion, after one whole day of using it, i realise that my lips don't dry off like other lipsticks would make it dry as i have sensitive skin. It actually keeps my lips moisturises too. Sorry lipsticks, i might be sticking to this for now. Im not exactly a make up geek, but when it comes to looking naturally beautiful, I'm down for that.

Well, thats all for now. Do tell me about your adventures of finding the right lipgloss for yourself. This lip tattoo will definitely be following me around for now. ;)

Tata for now loves,

For more information on Shinzens do check out their official website or Facebook.


  1. Was looking for a review on this and came upon your post. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. I'm gonna get one for myself too!

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