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NEESYA Brightening Hydration Set REVIEW

The NEESYA Brightening Hydration Set
After my short trip from Cambodia, my skin got really tan due to the heat and sun. But thankfully, i have this, the NEESYA Brightening Hydration Set to brighten up my skin again. I was super siked on giving this set a go, cause i've only heard so much good reviews about their products. And on a side note, did you know NEESYA products are GMP certified, halal, paraben fee and colorant free?

Whats inside the set?
Each set of the NEESYA Brightening Hydration Set comes with a gentle brightening gel cleanser that is soap free, a brightening toner, an illuminating essence and a brightening day cream with SPF 20. These would be the essential products that you would need to start your brightening agenda. If you were to purchase these products individually, it would cost you about RM242, but with the set, its only RM169! I think its a pretty fair deal! Now that you pretty much know what it is and what it does, its review time!

NEESYA Brightening Gel Cleanser

Brightening Gel Cleanser
Ingredients and Instructions on how to use.
First up for review would be the Brightening Gel Cleanser. The purpose of it is to moisturize and brighten without drying out the skin. It contains Hamamelis extract, alovera and vitamin B5 to hydrate and provide moisture to the skin. Comes in a 100ml tube, and it states that its soap free, making it suitable for those who are allergic to soap.

Texture check: Gel
Once in contact with water
Scrub scrub scrub!
The texture of the gel cleanser is very gel like, and is transparent in colour. And since its soap free, its not as foamy and it feels very gentle on the skin. To use this, squeeze a coin sized amount onto palm, then thoroughly scrub around face and neck while avoiding the eyes. Then once that it done, rinse thoroughly with warm water. I was expecting it to be very dry once I wash it off, but it wasn't drying my skin at all. And for that, plus points goes to NEESYA!

NEESYA Brightening Toner

Brightening Toner
Ingredients and Instructions on how to use.
Next would be the NEESYA Brightening toner. This toner contains brightening agents extracted from silver vine and alpha-melight. It also provides anti oxidant protection for the skin that comes in a 100ml transparent bottle to make it convenient for you to view the content. As fancy as the bottle looks, its not made out of glass which makes it super safe to be on the shelf of your dressing table.

Texture check : liquid like
How to apply
And like any toner, use the toner after cleansing face. Texture wise, pure liquid texture. I decided to apply the toner on a cotton pad and applied it to my face and neck area for an even brightening result. The toner was very gentle on my skin, and after applying it, it gave a slight refreshing feeling on my skin.

NEESYA Illuminating Essence

Illuminating Essence
Ingredients and Instructions on how to use.
Next would be the NEESYA Illuminating Essence, to improve the brightness of skin tone with the latest LumiScience technology. With this essence, it claims to make your skin glow and at the same time improves uneven skin tone. Perfect for those with dull skin, this would be the ideal essence to get your skin glowing again with extracts from silver vine! It comes in a similar bottle as the toner, but this essence is in a 65ml bottle.

Texture Test: Goey
To be applie with a cotton pad
I know the picture above is not clear enough to describe on the texture, but the texture was slightly different than the toner. It was rather goey, but towards a more liquidy side. Think: thinker toner. HAHA. Thats the closest description i can think of. It would be advisable to use this once during the day time, and once at night. It would be recommended to use this with moisturizer so that the essence does not evaporate. I was also surprised to find that it was well absorbed by my skin, without leaving any sticky residues too!

NEESYA Brightening Day Cream

Brightening Day Cream
Ingredients and Instructions on how to use.
And last but not lease would be the NEESYA Brightening Day Cream. I have to admit that im never a fan when it comes to applying day cream, cause it would usually feel like a thick layer of glue on your face. But the NEESYA Brightening Day Cream was not a usual one cause its a moisturising day cream! With SPF20, it protects your skin from harsh UV rays, and at the same time moisturise and brightens the skin. This comes in a 50ml bottle.

Texture Test: Creamy
Be sure to spread it around face and neck
The texture was like cream, but it was unusually lighter than sunblock. As i applied it on my skin, it was very lightweight, without leaving any sticky residue on my skin, which makes me love it more! I thank god for this day cream for being extremely light and multifunctional. hehe. This is to be used after cleansing, toner and essence for best results.


NEESYA Seal Check
 NEESYA Seal Check
NEESYA Seal Check
Just as a precaution, every NEESYA product comes with a seal to guarantee authenticity and to avoid customers to buy damaged products if there are any. I was told to never buy any product without the seal or with a broken seal, and i truly appreciate the fact that NEESYA makes sure that none of their customers would get a product with a broken seal. It guarantees that the item you get is new and untouched from the day you receive it.


Dont you think my skin looks healthy?
Believe it or not, about 2 weeks ago, i was 2 tones darker, but after using NEESYA, i can really see that it brightens my skin making it look brighter, with a healthy glow. I also think that it was designed to suit any skin type, with the purpose to brighten the skin. Usually, whitening products would be really irritating on my skin, so i avoided using it for a while, til i found NEESYA! So, if you have been facing the troubles i did, you could always give NEESYA a go ;) There are now available with partnering Watsons stores, or you can also visit the nearest NEESYA outlet near you! For more information, do visit today! Till then, do leave a comment below to share with me your opinions :)

Sara xx

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