Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; February 2016 box

My February CubeCrate
And for the moment of truth! Thank you to the CubeCrate team for sending me another box to review, and I have to say that I've been super excited to be waiting to receive this! Like literally, I was SO excited to come back with a box from CubeCrate, and what got me even more excited, would be that it's bigger and heavier than my previous CubeCrate parcel from January. Now, let's find out what's inside!

Unboxing impression
Sneak peak on this months advertisers
And as usual, upon unboxing, I love how it's very mysterious to find out what's in this months CubeCrate box. Can you take a guess? Hehe. But personally, I prefer to check the Advertisers sheet first, to just get my heart racing and my brain guessing on what will I be getting from these Advertisers. So in the month of February, the official advertisers would be The Sabun, Mycare, Claire, For Goodness Cakes and Beyond Beauty.


Full size White Formula Super Moist Light Toner, OMG!
First up in the box, I found this full sized White Formula Super Moist Light Toner with Hyaluronic Acid. Just in time, cause I really needed a new toner my skin! Talk about perfect timing. hehe. I also thought it was cute that MyCare ( decided to give us a recyclable tote bag too! I guess it would a hint to go green? hehe.

Suitable for Normal to Oily/combination skin
It's unbelievable that CubeCrate actually gave us a bottle of this toner and the great news would be that it's suitable for normal to oily/combination skin! I guess they took extra measures to make sure what they include in the box would be suitable for almost everyone who subscribes. Plus points! So this bottle of White Formula  Super Moist Light Toner with Hyaluronic Acid contains 290ml in size, and being a fan of Hyaluronic Acid, I instantly fell in love with this product.

Fine details of the product
I also managed to test it out, cause I really couldn't wait to give it a go! Upon reading the fine prints, I realized that it says that it contains 3 unique types of Hyaluronic Acid which permeate the different skin layers and works to achieve optimum moisturization and skin firmness. Managed to test it out on my hand, and I have to agree that it's definitely lightweight, and incredibly gentle on the skin. This just might be one of my favourite toners!


Beyond Beauty Gift Card!
Next would be the a token from Beyond Beauty ( They actually gave us a gift card, and when it comes to gift cards, I have to say that it's obviously a complimentary treatment of their services! YES!  hehe. They have 7 store locations available and I'm thankful that the nearest location is actually about 7 minutes away from my house. How perfect can it get?

How the card looks like
Hmm, which one to choose.
With 3 options to choose from, I think I would most prolly go for either the face treatment or for a relaxing spa treat. YAYERS. I will most likely write another blog post on the review of how good their services are, so please do stay tuned on my daily post! Hehe.


For Goodness Cakes!
A heart shaped chocolate cookie
How can you not LOVE this?
Next in the box would be a heart shaped cookie from for goodness cakes! I have to say that I love how cute 'For Goodness Cakes' sounds and I can imagine the goodness of it already. hehe. And from the packaging itself, I think it pretty much says it all to what they specialise in. I tried to google them online, and apparently I found their website ( I'm surprised to know that they have a cafe of their own, and I really can't wait to pay them a visit!


The Sabun Body Scrub
And last but not least, would be a little something from 'The Sabun' ( Other than having a really cute name, they're products are homemade and organic too! (major plus points) In this months CubeCrate, I got myself their body scrub in tea tree peppermint. Loving the fact that it comes in a glass jar and the fact that it adds a little classy touch to it. It would look great on my toiletries shelf in my bathroom!

Test Scrub!
Smooth and clean!
On a first impression, I decided to check out the texture and scent. The texture was rather sugary and I think there is a hint of aromatic oil, so the texture wasn't as dry as I thought it would be. I did a hand test to see how good the product is, and guess what?! It works like a charm! It also leaves a minty tea tree scent after washing it off. From the test above, I think it's pretty clear that it removes dead skin cells leaving the skin looking smooth and refreshed.


Received a little love note from CubeCrate too!
And I guess that's about it for my unboxing review. As a verdict, for RM35 a box, it's definitely worth it, as you're really receiving great quality products and of course, giving you the joy of receiving surprises! Thank you so much for spending your time to read my blog post. But if you're tempted to get a cube crate box sent to your house each month, do not hesitate to visit to subscribe! Do leave a comment below if you have any constructive comments on CubeCrate as I would love to hear your opinions too! :)

Sara xx


  1. Hi Aliza
    I'm from For Goodness Cakes, and I am very happy you liked the cookie :-).
    FYI, we do not have a web site at all (the one you found is in the US). We are on Facebook, however, so look for us there (, and we would love to have you drop by our cafe and try out all our other goodies too!
    Look forward to seeing you

  2. waaa the cookie and the scrub -- so eye candy... is it like every month they will send the box ? awesome ! ;)

  3. What other products you get on your experiences other than skin care?

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  12. Tried the toner before and it's great to use. The Sabun looks interesting =)

  13. thanks for sharing this. i really love the heart shaped cookie and the sabun, so creative! now one lesser headache of choosing gift. cheers!

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