Friday, March 11, 2016

Pink & Black Party ; MAGNUM

I will warn you that within this post will be filled with pink and black
To celebrate the MAGNUM Pink and MAGNUM Black launch, Magnum threw one of the biggest parties based on your mood and moments. If you’re a pleasure seeker, MAGNUM would be the answer to all your desires.  Not only that MAGNUM is globally reputed as premium  ice-cream, but also has proven to us that it promises utmost quality. With the MAGNUM Pink and MAGNUM Black are out in stores, they have finally made flavours available to excite our emotions and moments.

The Black Dessert Bar
Magnum's Ice Cream Bar
The Magnum stage
Catering to different personalities, through a Pantone chart of emotions, colours rightly reflect whatever we are feeling. And in this case, Pink represent the fun, flirty, playful and spontaneity while the Black represents elegance, classiness and sophistication. And what did decided to go as? I went for both, cause my mood was going for the best of both worlds. Teehee. Colours are a great way to express how you feel and now MAGNUM has made it possible to express your moods with MAGNUM Pink and MAGNUM Black.

The Pink section for those who are feeling flirty.
And the Black section for those who are feeling classy.
Desserts or drinks anyone? ;)
Free flow of Ice cream
Held at A loft KL, the new ice creams were launched in a super chic Pink and Black party! The hall was divided in two shades, which really got people to truly physically pick the moments they’re feeling. And as for me, I decided to stick to the pink side cause I was feeling rather fun and flirty on a Thursday night. Haha. We also had drink bars available and we got to pick our desserts and cocktails from the menu. Yums!

Mr Rakesh Mohan
Mr Rakesh MohanUnilever Chairman of Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos said “The new MAGNUM Pink and Black are specially created to reflect the different consumer personalities and from the taste and colour, every aspect of the ice cream was meticulously detailed to meet each facet of different personalities.”

Feeling special with my name on the menu!
Mocktails anyone? 
All the attendees were given wristbands so that we could tag onto the 4 stations available at the event. I have to say that I went for mostly to the pink side, cause Im not exactly a fan of coffee, so when I checked out, my results were predictably pink at heart. Hehe. These moods were then accumulated and showcased on MAGNUMS magnificent stage giving life updates on what MAGNUM mood of the night was at that moment.

Blogger Elana and Miera enjoying the night. 
At the event, we had the MAGNUM Moodology kiosk where attendees could determine their mood through a pop-quick, then followed by MAGNUMS pleasure bar, serving only the pleasures in drinks and desserts inspired by the two new flavours. Other than that, they also had a Make my MAGNUM station where you could personalise your own MAGNUM, and of course, how can you not record this moment at the MAGNUM moment photo booth? There were definitely so many things to do, and it was definitely interesting to see personalities of the crowd based on the choices they make.

Dennis Lau performing one his amazing masterpieces! 
And Ning Baizura went all breathtaking with her amazing vocals.
Dennis Lau performed a special medley that reflected elements of moods of pink and black, where he blew minds with his spectacular performance. And the event ended with a blast with Ning Baizura’s powerful performance of singing a medley of Pink and Black beats.

Dancers performing a choreography resembling the black mood
Dancers performing a choreography resembling the pink mood
With the launch of MAGNUM PINK and MAGNUM BLACK, MAGNUMS reputation as one of the world's most premium chocolate and ice cream brand is incomparably sealed making another milestone in its extensive band history. A host of roadshows and in-store promotions are set to take place to introduce the two new variants and to create more engagement with Malaysia’s Pleasure Seekers.

Managed to get a shot with Diana Danielle in pink! 
And surprisingly, i met an old friend from high school Sa'idah!
Well, that’s about that! Amazing food, amazing people, amazing performances, and an amazing night. I can express how amazing the event was, thus making me feel every party should have MAGNUM ice creams to make it a REAL PARTY! hehe. To discover more on MAGNUM Pink and MAGNUM Black, visit For live updates on roadshows and promotions, be sure to visit or

Sara xx


  1. so happening. funky new ice cream flavour too, haven't personally tried it yet though.

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    Nice theme as well

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  9. this is definitely a great party and Magnum throw such amazing parties... I love Magnum Pink and cannot get enough of it... hehehe

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  17. This was a really happening event! I love how Magnum event with so colorful theme and awesome performance too =D

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  25. Yeah, Magnum organized a launch party in February. It was a wonderful event and among one of best events I have ever been to. My sister is an event planner and she planned this event along with another one at Chicago venues with her entire team.

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