Sunday, February 4, 2018

[FOOD] Chinese New Year Dinner 2018 at The Federal Kuala Lumpur

Fancy dining at the Revolving Bintang Restaurant this CNY?
With Chinese New Year being just around the corner, im sure some of you would want a memorable meal together with your family, loved ones and even friends to welcome another joyous year in 2018. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, let The Federal Kuala Lumpur awaken your taste buds with their five-course Double Happiness Set Dinner which has been exclusively designed by the team of chefs. Since I was given the privilege to have a preview of the Double Happiness Set Dinner, here's a little sneak peak of what you can expect.

The Double Happiness Set Dinner is exclusive to diners who would want to dine in the first revolving tower in Malaysia. The meal is a 5-course set dinner which includes appetizer, soup, mouth cleanser, the main course of your choice, dessert and your choice of beverage either coffee or tea. For your information, the price to dine at a historic location to have the Doule Happiness Set Dinner would be priced at RM138 net per person. Enough with the introduction, let's skip to the food served!

Appetizers | Soup

Seafood Glass Noodle with Honey Plum Sauce
Double Boiled Chicken & Lotus Soup with Chinese Herbs
To build up your appetite, they will serve you seafood glass noodle with honey plum sauce to get your taste buds running wild with flavors.I would have to say that the appetizer had a very Asian taste to it, really reminding me of the festive season coming up, which I wished I could have another plate of it. It was tangy and slightly spicy, but the combination was perfect. Right after that, you will then be served with the Double Boiled Chicken & Lotus Soup with Chinese Herbal. The soup really reminded me of my grandmother, giving my tastebuds a very oriental Chinese cuisine flavor. I'd call this soup my ideal comfort food that's for sure.

Mouth Cleanser | Main Course

Oven Baked Rack of Lamb with Garlic Brown Sauce
Grilled Salmon with Honey Light Soya
Just before getting our main course,  we were served with a mouth cleanser, a scoop of lime sherbet to refresh our taste buds. I always love meals that appreciates and understands the beauty of getting the best of every bite. As the main course, you will be given a choice of Oven Baked Rack of Lamb with Garlic Brown Sauce or Grilled Salmon with Honey Light Soya. In this scenario, I ordered the lamb while my partner ordered the Salmon, so I was I was lucky enough to try both. hehe. Personally speaking, I prefer the oven aked rack of lambs more because it was cooked to perfection. But if you think you have a big appetite, you can always have the salmon as it would come with fresh veggies with butter rice as the sides.

Dessert | Beverage

Nutella Tartlet with Strawberry
And before ending your meal, you will get yourself a Nutella Tartlet with Strawberry, perfect for chocolate lovers! I mean, let's be real here. Who doesn't love chocolate? Hehe. I would have to say that if I was given a second plate of this, I would definitely take it! I never really imagine Nutella in a tartlet, but the combination is pretty interesting. The tart base basically compliments the Nutella spread so that the sweetness doesn't overpower the taste. You will also be served with coffee or tea to enjoy your dessert with.

The layout of the Bintang Revolving Restaurant
And basically, that's about it! To many Malaysians, dining at The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur's Bintang Revolving Restaurant, it would really bring lots of memories without a doubt. The  Double Happiness 5-course set dinner is priced at RM138nett per person and I would highly advise you to make early reservations to avoid disappointments. For reservations, call 03-21489166 to reserve your table or visit for more information.

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