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[REVIEW] Whitening Body Lotion | bare for bare

Whitening Body Lotion with SPF 15 | Bare for Bare
bare for bare is no stranger to those who are looking for products that are formulated with natural and botanical ingredients. Originated from Singapore, bare for bare offers a wide range of exclusive home spa products inspired to pamper and suit your everyday needs. I personally have a range of their body wash in my bathroom and it has kept me smelling amazing throughout the day effortlessly. I've decided to take it up a notch by matching my body wash with a Whitening Body Lotion which I absolutely fell in love with! Scroll away to find out more.

Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion

Keeping my skin moisturised and protected all day
If you're here to find out more about the bare for bare Whitening Body Lotion, you have come to the right place! Introducing the new Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion with SPF15, a new addition to their Body Care category launched just a few months back. The key whitening ingredient for this lotion would be Melavoid, obtained from the roots of punarnava and apparently a well-known her with high medicinal benefits too!


You might be wondering what it does, well below is a brief description.
Since it has dual lightening action, it helps prevents the phase of melanin formation and at the same time treats the skin by evening out skin tone. This Whitening Body Lotion also helps to reduce spots and prevents the formation of new dark spots, giving you brighter and even skin tone. Other than moisturizing and whitening, it is also a very good remedy for dry skin due to its natural ability to protect skins natural oils. Powered by Macadamia Oil, it also restores the skin barrier function and reduces water loss to keep skin plumped and healthy.  It also contains essential nutrients of Vitamin C which help to give brighter and even skin tone, while Vitamin E hydrates and moisturizes skin, preventing skin cell damage caused by the harmful UV rays that we are exposed to. To simplify all these details, it basically helps to moisturize, whitens, repairs and protects your skin with just one application!


Loving the scent each time i apply it on my skin
Despite the main ingredient being a herb, the smell is very pleasant and it is also very lightly scented to keep your body smelling amazing at all times while protecting the skin from harsh UV rays. Most lotions that I own may smell a little too strong or sourish after sweating under the sun, but surprisingly this has a very light scent that gently gives a refreshing scent to the body. Ironically, the other day I decided to only wear this on my skin instead of perfume, and I actually got someone asking me where I got my perfume from. LOL. Funny enough that I didn't wear perfume, she was so surprised when I said all I wore for that day was just lotion.

Honestly loving the texture of the lotion
Lotions are well known to be moisturizing, and whitening lotions are also well known to leave whitish marks when applied unevenly. Surprisingly, the Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion is by far one of the most natural feeling lotions that I've tried on my skin. I can confidently say that this lotion feels like its water-based and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the skin. Other than smelling amazing, once you're done applying, you would realize that the lotion has immersed into the skin giving it the moisture it needs without leaving you feeling uncomfortable.


Little details that i appreciate
Another highlight I would like to emphasize would be that the lotion is sealed and has a manufacturing and expiry date so that you don't have to worry about the expiry of the lotion. Some lotions don't include their expiry date, but I'd like to highlight this as an appreciation to bare for bare for ensuring that the packaging is well sealed for hygiene purposes and that there's a reminder so that I know when to stop using it. There is also an ingredient list at the back of the tube packaging just in case you are curious about the ingredients list.


Here's a before after result after 3 days of using the lotion on my left arm
After using this for about a week, I did notice that with long-term usage, my skin appeared to be brighter and glowier with an evener skin tone. I also absolutely love the results of how it makes my skin look healthier and younger too. Having a cat at home, I struggle with dealing with my cat scratch marks, but surprisingly, after using this whitening body lotion, the marks that I have reduced in color. I love how it feels on my skin and the fact that it has SPF 15 is such a bonus! With the Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion, you can say goodbye to dull skin tone and dark spots by just getting yourself a bottle of this.

Get soft smooth fair even skin with the Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion
The Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion is now available on Hermo, Lazada, 11th Street, Shopee, Shoppu, e-Bay, and Redmart. For your convenience, I've linked out the links below which would direct you to the item directly. (You're welcome). It retails at RM79 for a Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion in 180ml which I found pretty reasonable for a lotion that gives results, and at the same time feels super comfortable on the skin. MAJOR LOVE FOR THIS!

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  1. memang susah nak buat pilihan untuk memilih lotion yang sesuai dengan kulit..tapi lotion ni macam best je...

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  7. Dengar kata bau yang soft & lembut tu dah menarik hati. KekZa pun tak gemar sangat lotion bau wangi sangat. Sejenis cepat sakit kepala bau wangi2. Huhu. Next time boleh try lotion ni lah.

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