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TOKUYA is now in MALAYSIA | Your Japan Dollar Store

Tokuya now in Malaysia
Do you remember the 100 yen shop way way before any other japanese store was introduced in Malaysia? Well, to make their grand come back, formely known as 100 yen is now known as TOKUYA, located in Arcoris Plaza Mont' Kiara. What i love about shops like this would be that they give you the access to shop all things Japanese without the need of you to fly all the way to Japan. Not to forget that the price range is very affordable too, starting at as low as RM5.80 per item. Japan has been known as the leading world of technology, and trust me, their collection makes you feel like what you have at home needs a whole new makeover! Lets find out what they have in store.

The main entrace to Tokuya
Other than it being a shop, dont you think the place is so insta worthy too?
At a first glance of the shop, it really gives you the feels of being in Japan with its minimalist interior design. Even the displays got me drooling over it. As i entered the store, i was greeted by the friendly staff who were more than happy to open a freakishly huge sized door which feels super exclusive too! Now if youre what TOKUYA specilises in, they basically sell all things Japanese. Who says you cant find cool Japanse items in Malaysia? Personally speaking, the range is pretty huge and you'll find amazing items that you've possibbly never seen before. So lets see what they have in store.


Just look at all the varieties
Big and small, they have it all!
Storing smaller items? No problem
First up would be my favourite section, the storage section where they have a variety of options to choose from. And these super cute baskets would cost starting from RM8.80 for each storage basket. Say what?! Yes, so if you need to get your storage problems sorted at home, you could possibly find a storage solution at TOKUYA. They even have things to store your water, food, stationaries and anything else that you can think off. With price rance at below RM10, how can you resist?


Looks at all these Japanese toothbrushes!
Ever want your liquid soap to pump out foam instead?
Pastel coloured nail polish anyone?
Always wanted this! The silicone moisturizing mask for extra absorption for the skin
Their beauty and health range can be interesting too. In the photos above are just the few items that got me facinated! They also sell Japanese make up in stores, but since they didnt have any testers, so i didnt get it for myself. But besides that, mask sheets, underarm pads (to prevent sweat stains), nail poslish, lip masks, toohbrushes and so much more! I'd say that their range of items available are interesting, just that it may take a while to figure out what each item is for since the descriptions are all mostly in Japanese. hehe


Kitchen essentials
Knifes in case you need to restock 
Detergents and other cleaning liquid
Yolk seperator
They even have cutlinery for your kitchen as well. From knives, cooking essentials, and etc. A purchase i made was that i got this pretty cool bowl to wash veggies and meat that can easily rince the water out once they're ready to be cooked. I would have to say that this is one of my favourite purchase among everything cause its something that i've never seen before priced at only RM6.80?! Yes, something as convenient as this can be avaialble at TOKUYA, the challenge is to hunt for it. Other than that, they also have laundry needs too!


Japanese chopsticks to add to your collection at home
Japanese plates in case you feel the need of eating sushi at home
Wooden plates which really caught my attention
Polo socks at less than RM10 
House slippers at RM6.80
Moving on to other featured items in TOKUYA, you can find polo socks, wooden decorative plates, glass items, toys for the little kids, stationary and other stuff which i didnt get to discover yet cause the store was just packed with people during the opening day. Hehe. Trust me, walking into TOKUYA there is always something for anyone in the family at a high deal value price.


Looking innocent with tons of items in my bag
Being there during the launch, i had a good 1-hour browse through the store and i'll have to say that i noticed that the price range starts from as low as RM5.80, but on an average, most items are at the limit of below RM10. I believe that for really good items, and the price its sold for, i find it really reasonable as i remember the struggle of packing these items back during my last trip to japan. The price is very close to the Japanese price making any item purchased a super bargain. Im so glad to know that TOKUYA is now available in Mont Kiara selling a wide range of affordable high quality Japanse products.

Posing outside with a bag of my purchases
A customer who looks really happy when she found a cute teapot in store
If you've gotten this far to my blog post, i'd like to thank you for dropping by my humble blog and i swear i cant wait to get you updated with the latest things happening around you. Keep yourself updated by visiting my blog or my instagram to get all the latest news. Hehe. For more information on TOKUYA, head on over to their social sites which i've linked below. If you've already been to TOKUYA, let me know on your purchases by commenting below. xx

03-6411 2082 

LG 1-06 & 07, Arcoris Plaza Mont' Kiara, 
Jalan Kiara Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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