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Estetika Medispa TTDI | Dermapen Treatment

Reviewing Facial Treatment by Estetika Medispa TTDI
After about a year of not going for facials since i got pregnant, finally i found an aesthetic clinic that provides specialized facial treatments in TTDI. Estetika Medispa has been pretty well known in the beauty industry and this is their first franchise centre that has an exclusive interior, with fresher vibes. Located just next to McDonalds, its hard to miss out their huge signboard to welcome you to their spa.

Located on the 1st floor, and the interior is very welcoming!
Not too bad of a place to take photos too!
Since im in need of a facial with scars and blackheads being all over my face, I think its about time i gave myself a treat to pamper my skin with the experts intead of doing it via DIY. I made my appointment on 2nd February at 2pm, but i was lucky that they accepted me anyways despite being an hour early for my appointment. Time is really never on your side once you’ve become a mom! Hehe. Well, when i arrived, i was welcomed by the reception and i was required to fill out a form fill with my particular details and skincare regime for then to fully understand my skin condition. After filling in the form, i was seated at their really pretty waiting area that actually felt pretty homey. 

Even the reception looks like a hotel reception!
After about 10 minutes of waiting, i was then called into their consultation room where Dr Adila who i believe is their beauty specialist gave an analyst on my skin situstion and what would be the suitable treatment to solve my skin condition. The consultation session was actually very informative and productive as the Dr did a quick machine scan on my skin to see how much sebum i produce, and to identify the health of my skin. After throughly going through my skin condition, i was advised to consider the Dermapen treatment that has been suggested to minimise the scars and pigmentation spots on my face while also regenerating the skin’s layer by activating the skin cells. 

What is Dermapen ? 

Skin may look like theres no problem, but....
When taking a closer look, i actually have pigmentation and pore concerns to really worry about
This happens to be my first time doing a Dermapen treatment and if youre wondering what it is, its actually a skin micro-needling treatment which promotes scarless healing and encourages the skinto  naturally boost collagen production to improve the appearance of scars, acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and pigmentations.The word ‘micro-needling’ may scare you, but honestly it doesnt hurt as much as you think. I honestly had a plesant experince at Estetika Medispa, so let me share you the whole process of the treatment. 

The Treatment

The treatmtent room here is very clean and modern
Cleansing my face with their in-house milk cleanser before starting any treamtent
The treatment started of with the beutician removing the makeup on my face, followed by cleansing my skin with their inhouse brand milk cleanser. Right after cleansing, next they used a gel cleanser that gently exfoliates any impurities from the skin. Despite using their in-house products, i was surprised that it felt very light and refreshing! During the treatment, i was also told that i can purchase the products if i may be interested after the session.

I believe this would be the steaming process before extraction
Definitely better than the manual extraction process
Once skin has been throughly cleansed, i was put on steam to open up the pores on my face for about 10-15 minutes, followed by an extraction. I usually hate extractions, but the way they extract here was a little different than the usual. Instead of squeezing the blackheads out, they used a machine that would gently suck out the blackheads. For the first time, i actually enjoyed the extraction session as it was painless, while leaving the skin feeling great! Once extraction was done, the beautician cleansed my skin again with their milk cleanser.

Applying numbing cream before the dermapen treatment
Left it on my skin for a good 10-15 minutes
The dermapen treatment. This was the best photo i could get
Right before the dermapen treatment, the beautician applied numbing cream for about 10-15 minutes as recomended by Dr Adila to minimise any pain from the treatment. After removing the numbing cream, we proceeded to the dermapen treatment. Ironically the machine that does this treatment looks just like a pen, so the beautician actually just lightly brushes the tip of the pen over your face by sections. Does it hurt? Well, since i had numbing cream all over my face before the treatment, it barely feels painful. If i had to rate the pain, i’s give it a 3/10. Its really bareable!

And after the treatment? I got a head massage to complement my reddish skin
That took about 10-15 minutes and to finish up the treatment, the beautician applied cold aloe vera to cool of the skin after being poked by tiny micro needles. And thats it! I actually admite the fact that they even gave me a back and shoulder massage before i leave the treatment room. Talk about ultimate relaxation! So once the treatment is done, I proceeded to the reception and i was given a feedback form to share my thoughts. Talk about hospitality! 

Post Treatment

And so, this is how my face looks like after the treatment
I was advised that this treatment would have downtime of 2 weeks. Thus for the first 48 hours, it is recommended that i only cleanse my face with water. After the 48 hours, i was advised to only wash with cleanser, theb apply moisturiser with sunblock. Toners, serum and other skin application would not be recomended during the recovery period. For the first 3 days post treatment, my skin was pretty red and it does slightly sting once the numbing cream wears off. The stingy feeling feels like you just got sunburned and i guess for the first few days, extra care should be taken into consideration.

After the demapen treatment (Estimate 2 weeks downtime)
Day 3 - Skin started to flake a little (which is a normal healing process)
I did as i was told and only cleansed my face with cleanser, applied moisturizer and sunblock daily for two weeks and i must say that my skin looks like its glowing! I had mild flaky skin during the first week, but once that goes off, the skin instantly looks brighter, smoother and firm. LOVE! 


Post-Treatment (3 weeks after treatment)
No more flaky skin and skin looks smoother and brighter. #nomakeup
As a verdict, i would have to say that im impressed with the results! The treatment would cost you RM250 per session and i guess if you like to maintain your skin, once or twice a month would be good. Before i went, i had pigmentation, blocked pores and scars on my skin, but after two weeks post treatment, i feel like my skin condition became so much better! It feels smoother and it definitely does make me feel younger. I even got compliments from my husband about how my skin glows. Hehe. Be sure to plan your time ahead as the first 3 days after treatment, your skin may look like it got sunburned. All in all, the treatment definitely did give me results and i would definite go back for a maintenance treatment next month. Do check then out on their official sites in the links below. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave me any questions below in the comment section.  

Estetika Medispa TTDI


  1. Hi may i know had you experience any side effect from the treatment? I literally sign up for advance package and dermapen is one of the treatment included. I'm kind of scared for post treatment and hope that it will not gives any bad effect. Thanks

    1. i would say that you dont exactly have to worry about the bad effects as they use verified equipment and usually the side effects are rather mild considering its to repair and pamper the skin. You can go in for a free consultation if you would like to explore first