Friday, April 17, 2020

YOODO keeps you connected and entertained with MORE features!

Are you looking to find a good telco line to switch to? Since we are living in the future, i would have to say the best telco that i would recommend to you currently would be Yoodo, which lets you do what you do best! With the MCO leaving us all locked up at home, it can be hard to stay connected with this distance that we have to keep. Today i decided to join a video call hosted by Yoodo and im honestly impressed with the NEW features that they are offering to keep us all connected and entertained. If you're looking for the best telco deal that there is to offer in Malaysia, Yoodo is definitely the way to go, and here's why!

I personally started changing to Yoodo about a year ago when i found out that they offer customisable digital mobile service and i decided to give it a go since i was tired of the low data of my current telco package at the time. And honestly, once i transfered to Yoodo, all else is history because Yoodo is the future of all telco's! During this lengthy Movement Control Order period, its nice to know that Yoodo has been getting creative to find ways to support Yoodo users with more activities! Being an individual who LOVES to Netflix and chill, while browsing through the net for the latest trends, they have made it possible for me to still stay connected while i sit back at home.

Video Call with Tuck Mun, Carol and Syafierain the same call
During the video call, Yoodo has announced an exciting line-up of new innocative features to celebrate their 2nd anniversary celebration! This being an exciting annoucment, despite the MCO period, they have thought of ways to still keep us all entertained in the comfort of our home. YAY! This current time being a struggle for most of us, lucky enough that they are offering updated features on the app with new products, promotions, and great offers to aid Malaysians through this difficul period.

A closer look of the head of Yoodo with all smiles!
We also had Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo who i found very passionate in ensuring that Malaysians are well connected and entertained through Yoodo. I honestly enjoy the idea that Yoodo has fresher vibes to keep up with the current lifestyle of the younger generation while giving us the best deals with customizable choices. Be it if you just want to keep yourself updated with the latest news or just wanting to enjoy your favourite game, Yoodo empowers their users to stay safe at home, while keeping yourself occupied and connected.

Whats New on Yoodo? 

Checkout the latest Yoodo 2.0 features
In case youre wondering whats new on Yoodo, briefly i'll just share with you that they are converting the monthly renewal to giving users the chance to renew anytime! With this feature, Yoodo has broke the record for being the only telco in Malaysia to allow users to completely customise their choice of data, voice and SMS, anytime, anywhere! Not to forget that they have also introduced the Power Pass, giving users extra boost that offers 100GB of data for 60 minutes at only RM2! This is a good idea for those who would want to do a quick download of your favourite movie or music on spotify when you need to go offline.

With new add-ons from their current add-on, they have added TikTok, Viu and Call of Duty Mobile to their add on deals. Psst, i also got some inside news that they will be adding Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the near future. Thus gamers, this would be a good time to transfer to Yoodo if you havent already!

Yoodo Rewards you for Loyalty

Be rewarded for being loyal
I think you would have to agree that commitment is hard if we are unhappy right? And since Yoodo loves their users, they have decided to reward users for their loyalty with Yoodo Rewards! For customers who purchased a total of 10 add-ons, you will be eligable to get 1 free add on of your choice! For example, if you purchased 10 days of 'Roam Like Home' passes, you will get 1 additional day entirely free!

20GB for RM20 & Free Data?!

You read that right, 20GB for RM20!
I would have to say that im one of their users who is taking advantage of this amazing deal! Only on Yoodo, you can get 20GB for only RM20 and its available for all users (no double standards ok. hehe). With this promo, you can buy 20GB of high-speed data and use it how you want to use it. On top of this amazing deal, Yoodo is providing all their users with free 1 GB of Internet data every day from 30th march and will be on going till 28th of April 2020. How do you enjoy this offer? Its easy! Just have an active Yoodo line and enjoy it!

Thinking of Changing Telco? Get your SIM card within 2 hours!

With a new look, Yoodo powered by celcom
Thats right! If i've tempted you to transfer to Yoodo, then welcome to the Yoodo fam! While Yoodo usually provies free delivery of their SIMs via regular mail, they have also recently annouced a discount on ex[ress SIM card delivery. Which also means that you can get a Yoodo SIM card delivered to your doorstep within 2 houts through express delivery for just RM5 (UP: RM15. With this special MCO-related offer, be sure to take this opportunity before 30th April 2020.

So, if you like to do you, then get yourself on board with Yoodo! Being a Yoodo user, i have had an amazing experience with their services. I love how its easy it is to connect with their team when i have an enquiry and the transition of changing to a new telco while keeping my current phone number was so efforless. Trurst me, this is Sara certified and you would have no regrets! For more information on Yoodo, you can check out on their official sites below. Yoodo is where all the cool kids are at ok? Kapish?! Sign up on Yoodo today!

Yoodo Malaysia


  1. Banyak juga aplikasi dalam yoodoo ni ye?. Tik Tok ada, Viu ada dan Call of Duty Mobile pun ada. 20 GB = RM20 berbaloi harganya.

  2. Wow never heard of this telco before. A lot of great promos. Will check out more later. Hopefully have coverage at my area

  3. Satu hal yang menarik tentang yodoo ni selain boleh customize, diorang memang jaga client diorang baik2. hampir setiap masa ada je bnda baru dari diorang untuk pengguna.

  4. It seems like Yoodo always think of the best for its customers by keeping them connected and entertained at the same time too. Good job!

  5. Berbaloi ni 20gb rm20...ingat nak cuba laaa belikan anak bujang tu haa kalau nanti sambung belajar, senang dia nak guna tanpa had macam ni..

  6. murahnya 20G for rm20. must grab ni. kaw2 punya murah. siap offer free delivery. wow

  7. Terima kasih share. Nampak banyak jugak kelebihan Yoodo ni. Saya sekarang pun memang tengah cari telco baru.

  8. Have not tried this Yoodo yet but one day will do lah...

  9. Seronoklah boleh video call dengan kawan-kawan . Pakej murah tu get 20 gb dengan bayaran RM 20

  10. Nampak menarik dengan pamej ya g ditawarkan yoodoo ni. I tak pernah try yoodoo ni lagi. One find day i'll try it but not now. Sebab mula jatuh suka pulak dengar pakej yang ditawarkan

  11. oo bagus juga guna ni time2 pkp ni ya. thanks share

  12. bagus ni. now kat stay at home.
    bekerja. sekolah. semua guna internet.
    offer yoodoo ni sgt berbaloi dgn apa yg diberikan.
    usaha terbaik utk customer.