Tuesday, April 28, 2020

[REVIEW] Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream

Reviewing Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream
Having combination skin, i tend to struggle to find the right moisturizing cream to keep my skin moisturized without it ending up being too oily. The struggle has been pretty real, but after years of trying to find the right moisturizer for my skin, i finally found one that suits combination skin types really well! Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream is derived from our Malaysian National flower, the Hibiscus and the purpose for this cream is to creat a moisture barrier to protect the skin while providing moisture.

The packaging goes beyond classy
But description is all in Korean on the packaging
As much as oily skin makes your skin look like your sweating, the type of cream that you use actually plays an important factor to how your skin reacts. When proper moisturizing cream is applied, your skin will indicate that theres no need of oil production. The Ceramide Light Cream fuctions to provide the skin with a barrier to protect and improve the skins moisture level. Mamonde believes that in order to improve the skin's condition, it is also important to protect the skin from the outer most layer too.


I personally like to use a spatula to scoop out the cream
Smooth application everytime with this creamy gel texture
I have continuously used this cream up till my 2nd tub now and i cannot describe to you on how much i would recommend this! Despite having oily combination skin, other than its moisturizing benefits, i absolutely love the fact that it's very lightweight on the skin. Initially i was expecting the texture to be rather heavy, but surprisingly, the texture was rather a mix of gel and cream, which in result gave a really lightweight feel after every application.


Loving the benefits of this cream, i approve
I have been travelling a lot before the RMO started and one thing that usually disturbs me would be my skin condition after coming back from my sunny travels. Having oily skin + flakes due to sun burn is usually scary and hard to care especially when applying cream stings. So, with flaky skin being an issue, the next resolution would be to provide my skin with intense moisture right? And thats basically how i decided to try out the Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream. Initially i was worried  if it would burn my skin, but surprisingly it was very cooling and healing and after just 7 days of constant application during the day and night, my flaky skin was gone and i had soft bouncy skin again!

Love how it feels on my skin, and how it keep moisturized throughout the day
With the results i got on my skin, i got a little curious on how did this product managed to give my skin such good results. Here's what i found out! The cream offers double moisture barrier, and has been formulated with a techonology to keep the texture light and non sticky which in result leaving the benefits of this cream to be easily absorbed by the skin. With the double moisture barrier feature, this also means that it keeps your skin moiturized from a deeper surface too.


Not sure if its visable, but one side of this looks more moisturized than the other
Knowing that this product works, i would also like to highlight that it's also great to be used with make up too! Usually i'll end my skin regime with this cream and immediately apply makeup on top which actually made me feel that it made my makeup last longer than usual. Other than that, since this cream is derived from the hibiscus, it smells amazing which makes every application enjoyable. Dont worry if youre not a fan of fragrance, cause the scent is really very light and relaxing.

As a conclusion, i would actually say that the Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream is on my approved skincare list. It improves the skin condition, its comfortable on the skin and most improtantly, it works! With Ceramide being one of the contents within the ingredients, it defintely gives your skin double the benefit other than just providing moisture. It's long lasting, and it keeps your skin well moisturized throughout the day. So be it if youre always working in an airconditioned environment, or usually out in the sun, this cream is versatile and would protect your skin impressively.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
Repurchased: YES!
Suitable for: Oily and Combination skin

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