Friday, April 17, 2020

PG MALL | Shop with Benefits on Malaysia's No.1 E-Commerce Platform

Introducing PG Mall, Malaysia's No 1 E-Commerce platform
Hey guys! I am back with a new discovery I recently found, and if you enjoy shopping online, then you would be one of the first to know about PG Mall if youre reading this right now! If this is your first time hearing about this, PG mall happens to be Malaysia's No. 1 E-Commerce platform and is currently the only local e-commerce platform in Malaysia. So being Malaysian myself, I would say that im pretty proud to be Malaysian knowing that we now have an e-commerce platform to call our own. (Malaysia boleh!) With technology taking over our current era, we can now stay home and shop online, with many more promotions to offer in comparison to offline stores.

Daily Hot Day Sale at 10am, 4pm and 9pm
Daily Super Shocking Sales
One favorite feature that I would like to highlight about PG Mall would be that they have this daily Hot Day Sale, offering discounts up to 80% for selected products of the day. There are 3 slots daily at 10am, 4pm and 9pm, so be sure to keep your reminders on if you would like to snag some exclusive deals! Also, not to forget since Raya is just around the corner, they are launching their MyRamadhan campaign happening between 17th of April till 3rd of May 2020!

MyRamadhan with PG Mall (17th April -3rd May 2020)

Check out PG Mall's MyRamadhan Campaign : Shop Now!
So, let me break down the exclusive offers that they will be having during this MyRamadhan campaign. If you're a new shopper, there will be RM15 off your total bill with a minimum spend of RM50! (And that pretty much that you'll only be spending RM35 with the additional rebate. If youre looking to benefit from this deal, be sure to act fast as the offer is limited to 1000 redemptions (2 times max per shopper). But of course, if youre an existing shopper, there will be an RM5 off your total bill when you spend a minimum of RM30. This is also limited to the first 1000 redemptions (unlimited times per shopper). If youre fast enough, why not save more by spending a minimum of RM150, where you'll instantly get RM25 off your total bill! This offer, on the other hand, is limited to the first 200 redemptions and is only applicable for one time per shopper within the campaign period.

Maybank QRPay

Pay with Maybank QRPay when you shop on PG Mall
We all know how technology has made our life's easier, and I would have to admit that I love going cashless when I shop! PG Mall being up to date when it comes to technology, other than the typical payment platforms, they also offer Maybank QRPay as an option for payment. The good thing about this option is that you can enjoy up to 10% cashback (capped at RM10) with a minimum spend of RM30 when you pay with Maybank QRPay or MAE. This offer can be used up to 2 times per shopper, per month and is only valid up till 20th April 2020. Be sure to snag this offer and save more ka-chings ($$)!

Boost Users

Get Cashback when you shop on PG Mall with Boost
If youre a boost user, you can enjoy 15% cashback with no minimum spend. The cashback is capped at RM10 when you make any purchase on PG Mall, and to be eligible for the cashback, you may need to pay via boost. This promotion is valid until the 19th of April 2020.

AisAsia Big Loyalty Points

Be sure to snag this opportunity while you still can
Since im a frequent traveler and a member of AirAsia Big, I would always find it a bonus when an online platform offers AirAsia Big Loyalty Points! So, if you haven't signed up as a member of AirAsia yet, you would definitely want to when you hear about this! Do you know that you can get 50% extra Big Point bonus by just shopping on PG Mall as well? It's also even better than you can spend your AirAsia Big loyalty points on the platform as well.


The mechanism of how to win the Love You 3000 Rewards!
Do you consider yourself lucky or just simply enjoy joining lucky draws? Well, before I miss out on sharing to you on this exciting campaign, PG Mall is having this Love You 3000 Campaign whereby purchasing a minimum of RM30, you'll stand a chance to participate the lucky draw to stand a chance to walk away with PG Mall e-wallet that is worth RM3000!

Forever Cashback up to 3.5%

Don't we all love cash backs? And I would have to say that im glad that PG Mall understands shoppers like you and me! After going through their website, I found that PG Mall rewards shoppers up to 3.5% cashback, which also simply gives you more reasons to shop for more things on their platform. So if you want to maximize your spendings, why not refer your friends and family to shop on PG Mall and earn more cash? With the Shop-Share-Earn concept, this allows any shopper on PG Mall to gain forever cashback up to 3.5%. It’s as easy as that!

Shop now by heading over to this link : Shop Now!
Well, since I don't want this post to be too draggy, I shall just end my post here. Thank you for dropping by my blog and I’ll definitely be looking forward to my parcel from PG Mall to arrive. As a conclusion, I would have to say that they have a good variety of items to purchase and rest assured it would be delivered to your doorstep safely. Feel free to check them out as I’ve listed their official sites below. Do leave me a comment, and I’d be more than happy to get back to you soonest! xx

PG Mall


  1. Yess! promosi Ramadhan sudah kembali, jomlah kita soping sebelum habis...banyak juga diskaun yang di tawarkan kan...lebih hebat kalau jadi membernya, lagi laaa puashati berbelanja...

  2. Good sharing. Will check out PGMall later for more information. Looks like a good deals with a lt of promotions offered

  3. tadi pun ada baca pasal PG mall kat one off blog. banyak juga diskaun kan. boleh kot shopping duluan. gaji nanti boleh terus grab :)