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Unlabel Moist Botanical Skincare | Japanese Skincare

Presenting Unlabel Moist Botanical Skincare
I would have to say that despite being 28 this year, i get a fair amount of compliments saying that i look younger than my age. Did you know the secret behind keeping your skin looking young is to moisturise? Well, in relevance to that, i'll be sharing with you one unique skincare label, called 'unlabel' that is currently the top selling skincare in France! Now, im pretty sure that with this being a bold statement, you must be wondering WHY is this brand worthy to be within the top selling skincare category? Here's why:

The Unlabel Moist Botanical Skin Care Series claims to carry high moisture retention to provide skin with long lasting suppleness, and the secret that has made this possible would be because it has a unique formula, made out of au-natural botanical, fruit and herb extracts. Honestly, i would like to emphasize that i LOVE plant derived moisturzing extracts and its even better when i found out that this skincare extracts from floral flowers such as althea, chamomile and sage to provide the skin with moisture and encorage collagen production. It also contains hyaluronic acide which is a bonus!

I had first dips on browsing through the collection, and definitely loving what i see
Moreover, this skincare has also been designed to treat rough skin and enhances skin protective barriers, while ensuring moisture is properly distributed to retain moisture for long hours. That being said, i can confidently conclude that it not only moisturise your skin, but also treat your skin to be soft and supple that would last in the long run. Living in Malaysia, i find this skincare really suitable when it comes to treating dry rough skin. I have been facing that lately and found this to be a great solution to provide moisture that my skin needs.

The Skincare Range

The range offers 5 products in big sized bottles
Unlabel comes in 5 products to complete your minimalist regime namely, the Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water, Moist Botanical Cleansing Face Wash Foam,  Moist Botanical Gel Cleansing, Moist Botanical Lotion Toner and Moist Botanical Hydra Gel. All these products are alcohol free, paraben free, colorant free, fragrance free, silicone free, talc free, non animal derived, mineral oil free, and has not been tested on animals, making it cruelty free! Im aware that not many would really look into the additives, but i find this pretty much complete when it comes to choosing a safe skincare that is also cruelty free, giving you less worries about the products that you apply on your skin.

Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water

Unlable Micellar Cleansing Water - RM65.90
I tried as tested this and OMG its like beauty heaven sent! With plant derived cleansing techonology, this cleansing water has been designed to remove makeup and old keratin while absorbing dirt from the pores. This gurantees assurance in cleansing and it also shortens your makeup removal process with no rinsing needed! Another unique feature about this product would be that it has a single handed push action bottle too giving you a cleansing with ease experience.

Moist Botanical Cleansing Face Wash Foam

Unlabel Cleansing Face Wash Foam - RM29.90
Unlabel's Foaming Face Wash is formulated to penetrate thorugh pores and provide deep cleansing to ensure that your face is cleansed properly. When lathering the foam, it will create a super rich lather that contains small molecules that makes it possible for it to cleanse through the surface of the skin while cleansing deep through the pores as well.

Moist Botanical Gel Cleansing

Unlabel Gel Cleansing - RM55.90
For extra double cleansing needs, this Gel Cleanser is super ideal to dissolve make up residue efforlessly. Say youre wearing waterproof make up which we all know takes a while to remove, this gel cleanser will dissolve it efforlessly! Its even more surprising to know that it only uses plant-based oil that not only efficiently removes make up and dirt, but also  retains skin moiture too!

Moist Botanical Lotion Toner

Unlabel Lotion Toner - RM59.90
Toners are like a must in every cleansing routine, and you can never get enough of it! Unlabel offers a large capacity of 500ml of high moisture lotion that has been designed to suit all skin types (and yes, that is inclusive for those with sensitive skin as well). Other than using this as a toner, you can also use this as a daily hydration face mask too which makes it s great for those looking for skincare that is multipurpose as well.

Moist Botanical Hydra Gel

Unlabel Hydra Gel - RM89.90
The Hydra Gel from Unlabel is designed to be a one of a kind all-in-one moissture retaining gel that is suitable for even sensitive skin. With big volume packaging, this also acts as a beuty essence or emultion that can also be used for your body. A personal note on this would be that i love how it doesnt leave any sticky residue, giving it an extra bonus!


Here with my little blogger here to checkout the range, and the description of it definitely sounds promosing.
As a verdict, i would have to say that i love that the brand offers a large capacity of 500ml instead of buying in smaller amounts. Its something that we use daily and with bigger volumes given as an option to purchase, this also means that its long lasting to last you more than your regular skincare that would usually need to be repurchased after a month of usage. Unlabel being a product from Japan, i have no worries about the quality and combat points in the beauty industry. Unlabel Moist Botanical Skincare is now exclusively available in Guardian Malaysia! Get it

Unlabel Malaysia

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