Monday, August 24, 2020

My Nivea Vacation Kit | Body Spray, Foam Cleanser and Lotion

Hi guys! Im back with another blog post today sharing with you my must-have items that you need to bring for any trip you take. Nivea being one of my favourite go-to products, here are some of my picks on their latest launched products in which i will also share with you a review on what i think of it. Featuring in todays post, i will share with you 4 products which i think are useful for everyday use and for vacation trips, which would be, the Nivea Black & White Invisible Anti-perspirant, the Nicea Extra White C & E Vitamin Lotion and the Nivea Rosy White Hokkaido Rose. 

Nivea Black & White Invisible Range

The Nivea Black & White series has been one of my husbands fav ever since they launched and now they have came up with an upgraded formula featuring two variants, for men, the Black & White Invisible Ultimate Impact Long Lasting Protection and the for Women, Black & White Silky Smooth After Shaving. Both guranteeing 48 hours of protection, making it great for long lasting freshness! 

The Black & White Invisible Ultimate Impact Long Lasting Protection is specifically designed for men (which i secretly use it too when im in a rush to smell fresh), is formulated to be a 5 in 1 which offers 48 hours of protection from Odour, Sweat, Stains, Residue and Irritation! The perks of this would be that it doesnt leave your shirt with any stains, and honestly the new formulation smells nicer if you ask me. 

The Black & White Silky Smooth After Shaving on the other hand is designed for women, and i love the fact that it has a multi-dual purpose. Other than being an anti-perspirant, its also a great after shaving spray too. With 0% alcohol, its gentle enough to be applied after shaving, leaving us ladies with less worries when it comes to after shaving concerns. It has been dermatologicallt proven to be safe on skin and best of all, it doesnt irritate the under arm area. Just what i need for a fresh hairless vacation. To use this, i usually spray around the underarm, then allow it to dry. 

Nivea Rosy White Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam Cleanser

For my cleansing needs on a vacation, i would highly recommend you to grab this on the go! Being a mother now, i tend to cut down on my skincare products when i travel, and one of the biggest concerns i have while travelling would be getting dry skin at the end of the day from being a tourist. Impressively, the rosy white Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam Cleanser does not only cleanse, but it also restores skin radiance with 36x anti-oxidants. 

It deeply cleanses makeup residue, pollutants, and dirt effortlessly without harming the skin barrier. Its suitable for all skin types, but honestly i love it because it doesnt dry out my skin. Despite forgetting to bring my toner and moisturizer during this vacation, surprisingly this cleanser did a great job in keeping my skin cleansed and hydrated. I usually apply a pearl size amount of foam on my palm then lather it well before cleansing my face. Love how gentle the lather is, and its great that it doesnt leave my skin feeling dry and tight after cleansing. Major Love!  

Nivea Extra White C & E Vitamin Lotion

Im not usually a fan of lotion due to the sticky residue that it usually leaves, but this Nivea Extra White C & E Vitamin Lotion will change your perception on what you think about lotion. To be fair, this is beyond your ordinary lotion as its the first vitamin lotion that offers 10-in-1 benefits for the skin. 10 benefits?! Yes, even i found it too good to be true! We all know lotion serves a purpose to hydrate, but this lotion does not only hydrates as it also repairs and moisten the skin with 50x vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

A little review-sharing on this,  i was immediately in love when i applied this on my skin. Its surprisingly lightweight and is easily absorbed by the skin leaving no sticky residue no matter how thick you apply this in your skin. In case youre wondering on what are tha 10 benefitd this offers, it whitens, repairs, nourish, hydrates, smoothens, evens out skin tone, provides elasticity, enchance radiance of skin, an anti-oxidant and provides you with UV protection. With that much benefits, im sold! Been using this throughout my vacation and the after vacay skin still feels amazing! You have to try it to believe it! 


To conclude my post on Nivea Products that i’ve shared, i would have to say that these are really impressive products as skincare and body care needs. Not being bias at all, but really, Nivea did a great job in innovating their products to be beyond basic needs. I would say that if you need some TLC in your life, its a great start by purchasing these products from Guardian Malaysia pronto! Do check it out and trust me, every penny spent on these are worth it! Well, thats all from me. Thank you for dropping by to read my review and please leave me a comment if you may have any other questions in the comment below. 

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