Saturday, August 15, 2020

[REVIEW] Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads

Being a full time mom, it can be very overwhelming when it comes to caring for another human being, while also caring for yourself as well. This post goes to all the amazing breastfeeding moms who experiences pain and love at the same time while breastfeeding their little one. All moms are amazing, but i guess when being a parent who fully breastfeeds the little one, some days, we need a solution to the pain that we experience, especially when the breast in engorged. 

Most breastfeeding moms would experience breast being engorged, especially during the fourth trimester as the breast start producing milk for the newborn. First time moms would be in shock to experience such pain, thats why being prepared is always better than being unprepared. In today's post i'll be sharing with you a review on the Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads which i recently started using and in short, this is a must have for any mom who is breast feeding.

What are Therapy Thermal Pads?

You may wonder what are Breast Therapy Thermal Pads, and its usually only when you experience engorgement, then you'll see tons of other mothers recommending you to get these. Usually if you DIY to find a remedy for engorgement, the internet would tell you to heat a towel in a microwave or pop some ice in a towel then press it to your engorged breast. Personally i would advice to get yourself the Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads cause it has been specially designed to be comfortable and reusable, making it an easy solution for when you need it. 

Most thermal pads come in gel filled pads, but what makes the Shapee Breast Theraphy Thermal Pads unique would be that its also inclusive of soft covers. The soft covers are great for when you're using it hot or cold without being in direct contact with the skin. These covers are washable, making it perfect to keep it clean and hygenic. Nobody likes to rewear unwashed clothes am i right? I used to be that DIY girl, but once i started using this i noticed that i saved so much more time! Also, since my baby direct feeds, i would prefer something that is meant for that purpose.

The gel filled thermal pads are soft, flexible and when placed on breast, it conforms nicely according to the shape. Another benefit of having this would be that its convenient when you need to pump but experiencing pain. Once i had my breast feeling really engorged and so i decided to pump while using the thermal pads in warm temperature and noticed that milk production is smoother. I would assume that the heat helps with the milk flow as well and prevents clogged milk ducts. To heat it up, all you need to do is pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds, and its good to be used immediately when needed. 


In case youre wondering whats the difference between cold and hot therapy, let me spill the details for you. After doing some research on how to have a smoother breastfeeding experience you need to know how to overcome the challenges of breastfeeding. So, sometimes when pumping, you would realize that your breast would start to engorge, which is a feeling of your boobs turning into hard solid rock. The pain feels like needs, so i would advice to use the thermal pads when its cold from the freezer to help relieve engorgement. You may think its too cold to press it on your breast, but thats what the soft covers are for. 


Another method to relieve pain would be by using the hot therapy method. The hot therapy is usually used to relieve plugged ducts and mastitis. Mastitis is any breastfeeding mother worst nightmare cause the pain can really make you cry. By applying hot therapy thermal pads, it will help and encourage milk let down. Not only that, if you're a pumping mum, it also reduces time spent on pumping. Highly recommended to use it hot when pumping if you're a busy mom like me. 

The Thermal Pads are made out of latex and lead free materials, making it safe to use. Its also microwave safe for easy heating and also BPA & BPS free. As a conclusion, i would say that the Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads is a must have for any breastfeeding or pumping mom. Its compact so its easy to slide it in your pumping bag, and even easy to put it in the freezer considering the design doesnt take so much space. Each box contains 2 pads its good enough to last you through your breastfeeding journey. Retails at only RM30 (Current online price: RM24.90) from Shapee's website which i think is really reasonably priced considering the quality is really good. Be sure to check out more products from Shapee and i hope this post was beneficial for all you moms out there! 


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