Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Immunity Kit 2020 by Himalaya Malaysia [Herbal Formulated Supplements]

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Living in 2020, i think the world has taken healthcare seriously, especially when theres a infectious deadly virus spreading around the world, also known to be the Covid-19. So, the question now is, how can we prevent from being one of the high-risk category of individuals from catching the virus? Simple, you can start by boosting your immunity with Himalaya. Thus, in todays post, i’ll be sharing with you the must-haves that you can consider taking to boost your immunity.

Himalaya Malaysia has been established since 1930 and has gained trust by many of their customers (including myself) to trust their products which are popular to be an alternative to modern medicine. Himalaya has been a preferred choice to many for being a natural option of health supplements that are 100% made out of herbal ingredients. Coming from a family background with doctors in the family, I’ve leaned towards Himalaya products because they are natural, which also means there are less side effects in comparison to modern medicine. Now, lets get into details on my immunity booster combo! 

Amalaki (RM51.70)

Starting off with the Amalaki, this is actually your vitamin C booster. With Indian Gooseberry as the key ingredient, this will surely boost your immunity system while giving you 10X more Vitamin C than a normal orange would. Other than giving your body a boost in your immunity, its also good for those who are suffering with diabetes, diminished immunity, infections and convalescence. I personally take 1 capsule each time, twice daily and noticed that i havent gotten sick since. Being a mother now, i really need to be at my best to ensure that i have the energy and health to care for my baby.

Septilin Tabs + Syrup (RM48.40 + RM27.30)

Septilin in general is effective for those who are having sore throat, cough and flu. So, when youre feeling like youre having a sore throat, cough or flu, this is what you'll need. The Tabs come in table form which helps to build body's defence mechanism. It will acute chronic and recurrent infections which makes it a great product to have at home. The syrup on the other hand has the same purpose as the tabs. Honestly, the ingredients for both of these are the same, so if youre not a fan of syrup, the tabs is an easier option that minuses out the after taste that syrup would usually leave in your mouth. Or, for the little ones, tabs may be a little hard to swallow, so the syrup is a great alternative. 

Koflet Lozenges 10's (RM10.50)

Koflet Lozenges is specially formulated for those suffering from dry cough. The key ingredients in this would be long pepper, ginger, black pepper and clove, which basically will give a spicy herbal minty flavour to help treat dry cough. I actually brought this around with me, and its pleasingly nice around the throat when it feels a little chesty. You can enjoy this when your throat is feeling a little dry, but if youre suffering from heavy cough, then it would be advisable to take this 3 to 4 times daily to relief throat irritations and cough. Alternatively, if youre looking for a mouth cleanser, this keeps your mouth and breath fresh as well. 

Cold Relief Balm (RM10)

And last but not least would be the Cold Relief Balm. I feel that this is my favourite product among the rest of my immunity kit options. Containing only herbal ingredients, Mentha arvensis, cinnamomum, and eucalyptus, this is used to relief cold and blocked nose (which i suffer on a weekly basis, especially at night). With this balm, the purpose of this is to clear congested and blocked nasal passages which i feel that it works really well for me. All i need to do is apply this on my nose and throat, and a few moments later, my blocked nose is cleared! Alternatively, this can also be used to relieve headaches associated with flu, cold and sinusitis. 


All products comes with an expiry date

As a verdict, i would definitely suggest you to get these items to be ready at home. The good thing about Himalaya Malaysia products would be that they are 100% herbal formulated, which also means this has minimal side effects in the long run in comparison to modern medicine. Its a great immunity pack to have and its also the best seller products during the pandemic of Covid-19. Personally i find their products are affordable if youre looking for traditional herbal medication as a healthier option for your health. Since we're all trying to stay safe by staying indoors, the products mentioned in this post are available online through or in Himalaya Boutique's, and Physical Pharmacies near you. 

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