Sunday, August 9, 2020

If You Are in KL, Then You Need to Checkout These Western Restaurants for Real

Im back to share with you foodies on where to get the best halal friendly western dishes in Kuala Lumpur.  I thought that since we've all be locked up at home for so long during the Covid RMO, its time to practice safety precautions while enjoying a decent western meal with the family. So, if youre wondering where would be the best places to check out for western food, below would be a list of places that you must try! 


Being a PJ girl, TTDI is one of the closest locations if im looking for specifically western restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. TTDI is a friendly neighbourhood and one thing i enjoy about Meat Point would be that its owned by a malay restaurateur. They do not serve alcohol, and one of the best features about this restaurant would be that they offer a wide range of meat, featuring wagyu, grain fed, black angus, lamb and so much more. 

The unique feature about this restaurant would be that you can check out the chilled fridges where you can choose the cut that you want. Pick the size, the cut and on how well done you would want it to be, then the results are basically customised to your tastebuds by the chef. I dont know about you, but freedom to have the meat just the way you want it can result to be the best steak you've ever ordered in a restaurant. 

Las Vacas Restaurant

Another place, that is an excellent casual dining western restaurant would be Las Vacas, which is also known to be a steakhouse that specialises in beef. Located in Mont Kiara, you can choose your cut of beef from the deli and watch the chef cook the beef for you through a glass wall. The choices may be overwhelming, but fret not as the staff there are really friendly and ever ready to assist you on your decisions.

Simply Ribs

Simply Ribs is a family friendly meat joint located in Kota Damansara. It may not be within Kuala Lumpur, but its not too far of a drive if you're looking for an adventure out of Kuala Lumpur. They're popular to be family friendly, so for those with kids, you wont have to worry too much about them misbehaving in a restaurant while you enjoy your cut of meat. From reviews, one of their best sellers would be their juicy T-bone steak. Not to forget their signature slow cooked beef ribs, they have a unique twish of Jalapeno Ribs which i heard is one of the best in town as well. 


Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Copper is a modern European restaurant. The interior is well designed with steel colours, and whatever they serve on the menu is completely halal. Known to offer one of the best steaks in KL, you have to make time to make a pit stop to check them out. Its owned by a couple and they are always ready to ensure that what they serve is the best for their diners. Be sure to check out their Roast Menu for mouthwatering dishes! 

There you have it! A list of amazing western restaurants to try. Alternatively, if you think discovering new places and getting out of the house would be too much hassle, why not check out western food delivery that would be available in your area instead. Skip the hassle of looking for parking and get it delivered to your doorstep instantly. I have to admit that occasionally i have troubles getting myself out of the house, so having western dishes at home would actually be enjoyable as well, especially when its on a gloomy sunny day. 

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