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SHINE BRIGHT with Dr Alice | Innovative Laser Treatments

My Experience at Dr Alice Total Wellness Specialist

It was an honour to be invited to the Dr. Alice's Total Wellness Specialist, a beauty medical centre led by Dr. Alice Prethima who specialises in aesthetics, medical cosmetics and wellness within Malaysia, where Dr. Alice herself shared to the media about her new innovative venture in modern procedures that takes aesthetic treatments to a whole new level. I think when it comes to aesthetics, most of us are afraid of invasive treatments, but what if i told you that Dr. Alice has found an alternative to those treatments to be non-invasive instead? 

The beautiful Dr Alice Prethima

Since 1999, Dr. Alice Total Wellness has definitely set a standard by using the latest FDA approved technologies that are fully licensed products and is constantly accumulating medical metholodies accreditations. Providing only the best, patients and beauty enthusiast of Dr. Alice will have no worries during the procedures that would be done personally by Dr. Alice herself. As of today, the centre offers 88 types of treatments which compromises of 34 cosmetic procedures, and the remaining to be aesthetic treatments and wellness services. With a variety of choices to choose from, you can now consider this centre to be your one stop location to achieve your beauty goals. Talking about beauty goals, Dr Alice is proud to present 3 new innovative procedures that goes under the 'Shine Bright' series. 

Shine Bright with Dr Alice

Accompanied by Miss World Malaysia, Priyaa Simmi

Now, you must be wondering what treatments would be offered under the Shine Bright series, to cut it short, the series features 3 procedures namely, Dr Alice Gold Laser, Dr Alice Facial Rejuvenation Method (Profhilo) and Dr Alice Shine Bright Program. With these 3 being specially selected by Dr Alice, these procedures will definitely achieve your beauty goals that would make you shine when you walk out of the centre. 

Dr Alice Gold Laser Experience

The Treatment room

The laser machined used for the Gold Laser Treatment

I was given the opportunity to experience the Dr Alice Gold Laser, and i must say that im impressed with the results. For those who know me, i actually really enjoy laser treatments due to the results that it translates, but what got me really impressed during this treatment was that the results were practically instant with no down time at all. The typical laser treatments would usually have 1 week of downtime where my face would be super red right after the treatment, but with Dr Alice, my face was glowing the minute the laser treatment was over. Now, you must be wondering how the procedure went? Lets get into details. 

The Gold Laser Treatment Procedure

The Gold PTT Micro Particles with 99.9% Gold

Dr Alice believes that treatments should actually target to solve the problem/concerns of the skin, adn throughout this laser treatment, its great for those looking to improve dull skin while targeting to reduce pigmentations on the skin. Basically before getting the laser treatment done, the procedure would start by removing your make up, followed by throughly cleansing the skin. I believe they used in house products and it felt very gentle on the skin when my skin was being cleansed. 

Starting the treatment by spreading the solution over skin

Using Photo Thermal light to activate the solution

Followed by the laser treatment with over 3000 shots

After cleansing, Dr. Alice will apply the micro particles of GOLD, then penetrate Photo Thermal Therapy Technology that would attach acne problems. Believe it or not the particles are 99.9% gold, and fret not as Dr. Alice assures that all the products that they use would be approved by the FDA. A little comment, i would suggest you to hold your breath a little when they're applying the micro particles as it smells a little strong. This treatment has been specially designed to be a quick solution to treat acne, pigmentations and dull skin concerns, giving the skin an natural shine and glow immediately after the treatment. 

Before Treatment (Only eye make up and lipstick is present) 

After Treatment (Only eye make up and lipstick is present) 

Once the micro particles of GOLD has been evenly spread over skin, they immediately use the laser machine to activate the particles that would remove impurities while providing your skin with a glow, rejuvenating the skin internally. I was expecting to feel a slight tingle from the laser, but surprisingly it was painless. Literally it just felt like my face was being blowdried with a hair dryer and after 15 minutes, the treatment was done. 


A mandatory photo with Dr. Alice at her centre

As a verdict, i would have to say that this is one of the best laser treatments that i’ve tried that takes minimal time to see results, and its also a quick treatment that doesnt take too much time making it an excellent over lunch treatment if you’re looking for something quick. The results were beyond my expectation, and i would highly recommend this treatment if youre looking to shine to any event you attend, or simply because you want to look perfect for a special date. Initially before the treatment, my skin had dried acne breakouts that looks flaky, plus some pigmentation concerns, but after the treatment, post 1 week, the patch of breakouts i had is gone with no signs of it, and my skin looks so much brighter! 

Shine Bright Series Promotion

In conjuction to Merdeka coming up, Dr. Alice is kind enough to present to you with a promotional offer which would benefit you tremendously with more savings. Now, at only RM2500, you'll be able to get 4 treatments to cure your acne, pores and impurities with an extra glow. Act fast cause this offer is only till the end of August 2020. For more treatments offered by Dr. Alice, feel free to visit their outlets or free to checkout their social media sites for more offers and promotions. 

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