Friday, January 22, 2021

KOTAK AYUMM | Chicken Rice Delivery in Damansara Uptown

Since we're all staying home during this hard time, let's do our part in trying to flatten the curve. Honestly, it has been really scary with the numbers of positive cases going up, and adapting to locking myself up at home is a whole other challenge on its own, starting with not eating out. I know most of us try to plan our meals for 2 whole weeks, but being a full-time mother, a wife, and a working mother, sometimes it calls for food delivery to rely on since i don't have enough hands to get things done in a day. 

If you ask me what meal I miss when eating out, i would have to say our classic Chicken Rice! Why? Because, it's super time consuming to prepare it at home, (not forget the washing after). So, I usually like my chicken rice to be served and ready to be enjoyed! Which in result, I stumbled upon KOTAK AYUMM. KOTAK AYUMM offers food delivery services around Damansara Uptown and they also offer free delivery for up to 10km of distance. Since I live just around the area, I just had to give this a go! 


Tadaa! And here is my order from KOYAK AYUMM! My first impression upon receiving my order would be that I was impressed that my order literally came in a box, which also explains the shop being called KOTAK AYUMM (Chicken box). Literally, everything came in environmentally friendly containers, and the Signature Ayumm boxes actually have the most interesting container which includes the rice and the chicken in a separator within the same container. Despite ordering soup in my order, there was no spillage as the lid has good locking system to prevent spills. After all, its all the little things that matter so i just had to bring it up. 


Wondering whats on the menu? DUH! Chicken rice of course. The menu offers full Chicken Rice oriented dishes which makes it perfect for any chicken rice lover like me. The menu has signature ayumm boxes offering steam, roasted, and fried chicken as their selections, but if youre having a feast with close families and friends in a household, you can also opt for their quarter, half and whole chicken option.To compliment your chicken rice meal, they also have vegetables such as Ipoh Bean Sprout, Yaomak and what i found interesting was the Malaysian style mixed curry vegetable which would add some spice into your chicken rice dish. YUMS! I really had no regrets ordering the Malaysian style mixed curry vegetable because they were really generous with the vegies and dont get me started on the curry, it was a huge portion perfect for 6 people at the very least. If you love to spice up your regular chicken rice, i would really suggest you try to order their curry. I love!

To compliment your main dish, KOTAK AYUMM also conveniently offers side dishes for you to enjoy as well. They have curry or plain fish ball, braised egg, braised tofu and crispy spring rolls. For those looking for a healthier option of chicken rice, they also have an add on in which you can order their organic brown rice to enjoy their signature ayam with. I personally ordered their mouthwatering fish ball soup, braised egg and braised tofu, and i must say that it added some flavour into my dish. I would definitely repeat ordering the fish ball soup because the fish ball's given were huge! i can confidently say that its 3 times bigger than your usual fish ball size. (And let me warn you that its really filling too!). The Braised egg tasted good as well if you love eggs. 

My overall order included 1 half steam chicken, 1 single portion roasted chicken and 1 fried chicken, and literally, im telling you it was more than enough to feed at least 6 pax when my household only had 4 people living together. Why do i say so? Because the chicken that they use is big and juicy! Literally, the half chicken felt like a whole chicken portion because it was just that much! In terms of taste, i would say that everything tasted really good, not too overseasoned and is still filled with a variety of flavors. The steam chicken was definitely the highlight as i can taste the freshness of it, and not to forget that the type of chicken they use is good too. You can expect being served with quality chicken when ordering from KOTAK AYUMM.


As a verdict, my total damage for a 6 pax portion feast on chicken rice? I would have to say it was nothing above RM130, which falls down to about RM20 per person to enjoy delicious chicken rice that is delivered right to your doorstep. The service is quick and what surprised me is that the food was delivered to me was still hot when i received it. Gotta say i love freshly prepped meals. Thank you KOTAK AYUMM for being a frontliner to serve the society with delicious chicken rice to be delivered right to our door step. I cant wait for my next order cause just talking about me makes me want more. By the way, if youre interested to order this for yourself as well, they are available on Grab food and Foodpanda for food delivery, but you cant find KOTAK AYUMM on these platforms, you can also order via WhatsApp and they can make your order happen. So what are you waiting for? Order your KOTAK AYUMM today!

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