Thursday, December 31, 2020

5 Reasons to switch to Yoodo | BEST THING I'VE EVER DID!

Okay, so i've been a user of another telco for more than 10 years, but after switching to Yoodo about 2 years go, i would have to say that its the best decision i've done and wished Yoodo existed way earlier. I know it may not be all out on the billboard for those who are not familiar with Yoodo, but trust me, when you switch, you will definitely know why tons of people love it even more! I would say among other telco's offered in Malaysia, this has to be my best decision. Here are some reasons why i love it so much~

1. Be the boss of your own plan

First off, i hated the rigid plan options offered by telco's. What makes Yoodo impressive is that they let you decide on what you want which makes it amazing! From paying RM90 a month, i now only pay RM50 a month according to my needs and thats like RM40 worth of savings! Imagine multiplying that throughout a duration of 2 years. Huge savings in the long run. 

2. Manage it on an App

Since i travel a lot, it can be annoying to drop to the office to get your number to be international friendly. but with Yoodo, you do you all through an app! Lets say your current plan with Yoodo has been fully utilised, you can still add on and the amount based on your needs till your next renewal. I also love how you can use your current data, voice calls and messages even when youre overseas. They charge about RM10 a day if youre overseas which makes in convenient to keep your contacts close and connected. 

3. Change your Plan, Anytime, Anywhere

So, lets say youre in need of more voice calls and data for a month. Fret not, just open the app and adjust your current plan and you're updated with the latest plan of your choice. Trust me, this freedom is amazing when you have an unpredictable lifestyle. I have days when my internet is down for a month, and had to rely on Yoodo, and that actually saved me from boredom. Thank god for their app that makes it easy to manage. 

4. Effortless switch from your current telco

Are you tempted to switch already? Did i mention that all you need to do it to download the app and you'll be instantly given the choice to keep your number or choose your new number under Yoodo? Whats even better is the transition to change from another telco to Yoodo. I did not need to stop at any centres to get this done, and im pretty impressed how smooth the transition was as the sim card is delivered right to your doorstep within a few days. Talk about a quick switch~

5. Go cashless with your phone bills

I used to really depend on phone bills and top up cards to get my phone bills managed. But now with Yoodo, they allow me to pay my bills by simply using my debit card which is super easy to manage. Yes, no one entirely likes the auto-debit charges, but trust me, with the amount of money youre saving and the notifications that you'll get from Yoodo when youre charged, i believe they have gained my trust and has never overcharged me compared to some telco's i've dealt with. 

So, now that you've seen my reasonings, dont you think its about time you give Yoodo a go? Remember, all you need to do is download the Yoodo app and use my refferal code to get an extra RM20 into your Yoodo wallet with additional 7GB data! If youre not looking to switch, maybe just request a phone number from them which they will deliver to you at no cost, and give it a go. Trust me, once youre hooked, you'll never look at any other Telco provider ever. 

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