Thursday, April 1, 2021

Lulu Hypermarket now available at Setia City Mall!

Hey guys, I’ve got some exciting news to announce to you. Lulu Hypermarket is now open at Setia City Mall in Bandar Setia Alam and is featuring unbelievable feals that you wouldn't want to miss. Just to name a few items to keep your eyes locked on, there are iphones, 65’’ TVs, Milo, fresh goods, hot food, bread and so much more that is available at a special price for the next 4 days in conjunction with the opening. 

Apart from this opening offer, Lulu also provides Ramadan necessities that fellow Muslims would need to celebrate this glorious month being just around the corner. There will be high-quality dates, special Arab drinks in conjunction with Ramadan and so much more! This just adds more fun I running grocery errands and I must say that the deals being offered were definitely irresistible that I quickly grabbed a trolley to not miss out on any good deals going out of stock. 

One thing I love about Lulu Hypermarket would be that their layout and arrangement is very spacious and clean compared to some stores I've been to. Despite the place being pretty high capacity during the launch, I must say that I still had space to walk around while everyone was practicing the SOP distance. With an area of 150,000 sqft, I must say that the space is very comfortable to walk in. 

The LG floor is 70,000 sqft that caters to fresh goods, high-quality imported chocolates, dates, nuts, hot food, bread, household goods, and more! The UG floor is 40,000 sqft offering Lulu Fashion and Malay traditional clothes. The remaining 30,000sqf houses electronics where you can buy furniture, and electronic goods at an affordable price. I would pretty much sum up Lulu Hypermarket as your one-stop center for anything that you need. 

There are 400 open-air parking spaces as well as multi-story parking, making it super easy to access Lulu Hypermarket and also an ideal way to get your groceries sorted on the go. I must emphasize that Lulu has always been tHEre for me, especially when it comes to making my shopping needs, even more, convenient in a very international shopping environment. So what are you waiting for? If youre staying nearby Setia City Mall, be sure to make your way to check out Lulu Hypermarket in Setia City Mall and I can guarantee that you'll go back home with BIG savings. Don't miss out on the 5-day special opening offer which is happening till 4th April 2021.

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