Thursday, September 2, 2021

Faber-Castell Smoothest Gel Pen | Fast Gel Z

Looking back into the days when you need to write a long list of key points on an essay or even important notes, it can be tiring when the pen used isn't comfortable on the hands. They say, the pen is mightier than a sword, and I still remember how much this quote has influenced my lifestyle up till today. As much as a pen is just stationary, I believe it plays a huge role when it comes to signing official documents, building connections, and writing down important moments in your life. 

With that being said, im happy to announce to you Faber-Castell's Fast Gel Z being the Smoothest Gel Pen that you'll ever own in 2021! With a new precision tip and ultra-low viscosity ink technology, it offers you an unbeatable smooth writing experience. Trust me, I gave it a trial run, and I must admit that it did offer a smooth writing experience which basically cancels out any other pen in the market. 

With the new tip technology, I noticed that it has less friction between the pen and paper, in result offering a smooth laydown experience when these two meet. Who would have thought that friction can be tested when it comes to stationaries am I right? To justify its smoothness, they even conducted a laboratory friction test versus other gel pens in the market, and it has been proven that the Fast Gel Z pen achieves the lowest friction. Since it's been tested, facts can't lie. 

Fast Gel Z Pen Features
  • Ultimate smoothness in writing performance
  • Fast-dry ink with no smudges
  • Intense, vibrant inks
  • Extra-soft grip for superior comfort when writing
  • Refillable

I know I may be a little bit too hyped over a pen, but trust me, a pen is like a trusted steed. Once you've found a favorite type of pen, there's no turning back. I mean, im the kind of person who is loyal to a pen brand and model that I favor, but with the Fast Gel Z being in the market, it's hard to turn back when you want a smooth experience. So, if you're looking for stationary, particularly a pen, be sure to discover the ultimate smoothness of the Fast Gel Z today! This gel pen comes in two variants - 0.5mm and 0.7mm, both of which are available in black, blue and red ink.

Gel Pack of 1 | RM5

Box of 10 | RM48

Refill Pack | RM3.50

Each Fast Gel Z Pen retails at RM5 a pen while its refill retails at RM3.50 (Gotta love refills as they save you $$). They are now available at major stationery stores and hypermarkets nationwide as well as Faber-Castell’s eShop if you prefer to shop online at That's all for today's news, and don't forget to bring your trusted pen with you wherever you go. 

Faber Castell

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