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Uniqlo's Outerwear & Fllece with Uniqlo X White Mountaineering

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO just recently announced the launch of "UNIQLO and White Mountaineering," as the first collaboration with the global Japanese brand White Mountaineering. Outerwear and fleece have long been representative product categories for UNIQLO making it perfect for Malaysian's who are mountaineering enthusiasts looking for the perfect attire to enjoy the outdoors. This distinctive collection featuring the outdoor essence characteristic of White Mountaineering is presented as a new adaptation of LifeWear, with further advancements in functionality and design. Items will be available in Malaysia from Friday, October 15.

"I gave a lot of thought to my ideals as a designer and how to utilize the detailing for outdoor items and sportswear I'd developed at White Mountaineering for UNIQLO wear, which is worn by all sorts of people," says designer Yosuke Aizawa. "Designing clothing around the premise that 'people move' is one of my principles, so I carefully considered patterns and designs that wouldn't add stress when worn. I believe we've created a line of new everyday wear that can be worn in any setting."

Clothing as a common language for everyone

This new collaboration firmly merges the theme of family, embraced by White Mountaineering's designer Yosuke Aizawa, with the UNIQLO concept of LifeWear that is made for all. The nine items for men, women, and kids have been created to be a common language for everyone. Building on designs that the entire family can wear, the collection uses silhouettes and colors to suit any setting, making the most of the strengths of both brands. I would have to say that Uniqlo has done it again when it comes to keeping their designs minimal and versatile. This gives everyone the freedom to be creative with their existing outfits and I admire that so much from the collection. 

About The Items

The UNIQLO Hybrid Down, a new generation outerwear featuring a combination of down and cotton padding, is available for both men and women. The men's Parka features a double zip on the front which is an icon of White Mountaineering, while the women's style has a more relaxed silhouette, incorporating a distinctive back design suggestive of a cape. The Fleece Jacket, created by layering two types of fleece fabric, is finished in a military style to match urban fashion and appeals to both men and women. Kids items, which is a first for Aizawa, utilize the same basic designs as for adults, while including details that younger wearers will love, such as a structure at the neck that makes the coats easier to put on and take off, presented in playful blue and red colors.

Collection Details

Launch date: Friday, October 15, 2021

Availability: Available only at UNIQLO Fahrenheit88 store and the online store



Price Range



Price Range

MEN’S Outerwear



KIDS Outerwear



MEN’S Fleece



KIDS Fleece



WOMEN’S Outerwear






WOMEN’S Fleece






White Mountaineering - Yosuke Aizawa

Born in 1977. Graduating from Tama Art University with a degree in textile design, in 2006 he started White Mountaineering, which since 2016 has released collections at Paris Fashion Week. Aizawa has designed for a variety of overseas brands. He is also a visiting professor at Tama Art University.

Interview with Yosuke Aizawa:

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