Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Reconnect over a cup of tea this Teh Tarik Day with Lipton!

Lipton encourages Malaysians to create quality connections with their loved

Teh Tarik has always been a staple in Malaysian culture, be it a family gathering around the table, friends catching up on lost time during a mamak session, or simply just someone new you’ve met - every connection grows stronger over a cup of Teh Tarik. However, extended lockdowns throughout the country have put a pause to the regular teh tarik sessions, separating us from not just the cup of smooth milky tea, but with the loved ones we enjoy it with as well. Under the campaign umbrella of ‘Sekuat Rasa Teh, Seerat Ikatan Kasih’, Lipton is calling all Malaysians to celebrate Teh Tarik Day by restoring the quality connections this coming 15th September onwards. Despite the distance, Lipton wants to encourage Malaysians to reconnect again with a unique message straight from your heart on www.liptontehtarikday.com.

Inspired by the way Malaysians from all walks of life are united with their love for Teh Tarik, the world’s leading tea brand has celebrated Teh Tarik Day every year since 2017, with the brand’s focus on enabling quality connections, over a strong cup of tea. As the campaign title depicts, “Sekuat rasa teh, seerat ikatan kasih”, Lipton recognizes that now more than ever, the need to rekindle lost connections and reignite lukewarm relationships. This Teh Tarik Day, Lipton is introducing a platform that enables Malaysians to express themselves to their friends and family in a unique way - all you have to do is to say what you feel and Lipton will personalize it, animate it and make it that much more special, leaving the receiver feeling a deeper connection.

“The pandemic has definitely affected the quantity and quality of time spent together with the precious people in our lives. While we are all doing our part by social distancing for a greater cause, we at Lipton also believe that it’s important to carve out at least 15 minutes to connect and build quality relationships with your loved ones, even if it’s done virtually. We sometimes need more than just words to express ourselves fully, and Malaysians are very well-known to express feelings through actions rather than with spoken words. With this in mind, Lipton has created this campaign not only to encourage action in personalizing a special message for your precious people, but to also redeem a gift for you and your loved one to share more quality moments together.” says Callista Fernandez, SEA Marketing Lead for Tea in ekaterra (a division of Unilever)

Teh Tarik Day would be incomplete without a cup of tea, and Lipton delivers it and more with their Lipton Teh Tarik Day gift sets. Selected pairs of Malaysians who connected through www.liptontehtarikday.com will be surprised with 2 gift sets -one for the sender and one for the recipient of the personalized message to encourage the continuation of quality connections together! The gift set is designed in collaboration with Stickerrific, who weaved little Lipton tea bags and tea leaves into the batik print illustration at the sides of the box. It is paired with a limited edition Lipton mug complete with a variety of Lipton tea, including our very own 3 in 1 Teh Tarik Milk Tea Latte, delivering creamy indulgence in every sip

Sign up now and personalize a message curated by Lipton to send to your loved ones!

● Step 1: Submit your details and personalized message at www.liptontehtarikday.com

● Step 2: Sit back and relax. Let our team at Lipton start to work on our magic!

● Step 3: A unique link will be sent straight to your loved ones via SMS

● Step 4: Click on the link and the personalised video message of yours will be

unveiled. The special recipients will have the option to save the personalized message or share it on social media. Happy connecting!

For more information on the campaign, do follow Lipton’s official social media at Facebook and Instagram. Lipton’s Lipton Extra Kaw Pot Bags and Lipton Teh Tarik 3-1 can be found in most supermarkets, as well as online on Shopee and Lazada.

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