Thursday, April 7, 2022

Integrative Health Centre offering Alternative Medical Solutions

The Dr Reham and her experienced management team of Healife

When it comes to health, in pretty sure we all have the same worry of the scary sacrifices that we have to take, such as side effects, long term treatments and so much more! With that being said, i discovered a centre offering a first of its kind integrated health centre in Kuala Lumpur called Healife. Now, you must be wondering what makes this different that your commercial health providers? Let me spill the beans for you. 

Offering you more alternative solutions when it comes to health

Hygiene and cleanliness is a priority

Lucky to be one of the media members to explore their services that they had to offer and i must say i was surprised that their alternative medicine actually involves traditional medicine. To just name a few, their services includes knowledge and background consisting from chinese medicine, indian medicine, arabic medicine and modern medicine as a solution to your health concerns. 

The fat freezing and lymphatic drainage room

Lymphatic drainage and physiotherapy room

During the presentation i witness, some popular services when it comes to health involved losing weight, paralysis and even visceral body fat. Im a sole believer that exercise and diet plays a huge role when it comes to losing weight, but what Healife can offer is that they can assist you in speeding up the process with customised treatments catered just for you. Their firth two centers are based in Dubai, but lucky for those in Malaysia, they opened their 3rd centre here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur! 

The exercise room that would involve a coach to assist in losing fat

Also offering EMS (electronic muscle stimulators) for muscle workout movements

Im actually surprised that they managed to combined these contradicting differences of medicine as one, and surprisingly the results of their patients did most of the talking to me. I believe that their centre really upholds their belief in giving people a healthier lifestyle with alternative medicine for those who prefers not to face chemical medications and treatments if possible.  

Based on an actual patients health condition who experienced blood pressure and diabetes, Healife customised a treatment that combines the 4 medicine alternatives to customised the treatment. The goal of these combinations would be find the root-cause of the problem then provide long-lasting solutions to improve the patients quality of life. That being said, hands down, this would be a great alternative solution for those looking for long term solutions to improve their quality of life. 

Healife offers high-standard health and wellness which integrates modern medicine and traditional medicine which works. With a unique process designed by UK trained management with more than 20 years of experience in both fields, you can trust that your health is in good hands. 

Rebirth Program Launch

One of their exciting launches for 2022, would be their Rebirth program which offers easy to follow & long lasting diets, traditional herbs, fat burning and body remodelling, reducing chronic pain and improving fitness and flexibility with a 1:1 guidance of a coach. What makes this program unique is that they customise it for anyone looking to improve their health for the long run. Changing the life's of many, its no wonder that thousands of their patients believe in their solutions. 

In case youre wondering, the price range of their services usually caters between RM1,500 to RM5,000, but really, the final pricing depends on the treatments that youre taking with them. Nevertheless, as a mom, i would say that their treatments are rather convincing when it comes to equating out harmful chemicals from commercial treatments. I mean, traditional medicine did exist before modern medicine existed, and theres definitely a reason why some would still believe in natures produce as a natural solution. 

Rooms are spacious and each session are in private for exclusive privacy

They have about 12 rooms with different purposes and i would say that its spacious enough for a single customer and physiotherapist to provide treatment to the patient. Honestly i love the fact that the ambiance is less stressful compared to a hospital, and it does make me feel like im walking into a beauty centre rather than a scary hospital ambiance. Founded by Dr Reham, i believe that Healife is a great alternative medicine provider that is building bridges to fully utilise the knowledge behind medicine through customised treatments. For a holistic solution for all your health needs, Healife is your first of its kind, integrative health center. 

Healife Malaysia

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