Sunday, April 3, 2022

McDonald’s Malaysia Contributed RM600,000 Business Zakat toSelangor Zakat Board

​​The highest amount of Business Zakat for the state of Selangor, McDonald’s Malaysia helped 50 flood -affected families with donations

On the 28th of March 2022, McDonald's Malaysia contributed a sum of RM600,000 as business zakat to the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS). It is the highest amount paid to LZS since McDonald's Malaysia started paying business zakat six years ago, when the company was taken over by Lionhorn Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Reza Group of Saudi Arabia. 

McDonald’s Malaysia menyerahkan zakat perniagaan tahun 2021 berjumlah RM600 ribu kepada Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS), jumlah yang tertinggi sejak McDonald’s mula membayar zakat kepada LZS. Sehingga tahun 2021, McDonald’s Malaysia telah membayar zakat perniagaan sebanyak RM9.85 juta untuk negeri-negeri di seluruh Malaysia.

Apart from zakat contribution, McDonald's Malaysia also provided donations worth RM25,000 in the form of cash and vouchers to 50 selected families who were affected by the floods at the end of last year. With this contribution, the company hopes that this would help the victims not give up and also lighten their burden with Ramadan being just around the corner.

To witness this huge contribution, YBhg Dato Seri Utama Diraja Mufti Selangor Sahibus Samahah Dato' Dr. Haji Anhar Bin Haji Opir, was present during the business zakat handover of McDonald's Malaysia by En. Azhar Darbi, Vice President of Human Resources and Chairman of the Internal Halal Committee, McDonald's Malaysia, to En. Mohd Sabirin bin Mohd Sarbini, Head of Distribution Division, Selangor Zakat Board.

Encik Azhar Darbi, Vice President of Human Resources and Chairman of Internal Halal Committee of McDonald's Malaysia mentioned that “'Giving back to the community in need is the value of McDonald’s Malaysia, either through corporate social responsibility programs or through zakat contributions. So our contribution today is very meaningful where we are able to contribute zakat of RM600,000 to help the community greatly in need, especially those affected by the floods in Banting district, Selangor.”'

McDonald’s Malaysia juga telah menyerahkan sumbangan wakalah agihan zakat bernilai RM500 dalam bentuk wang tunai dan baucar kepada setiap keluarga yang terjejas banjir pada penghujung tahun lepas.

“As of 2022, McDonald's Malaysia has paid business zakat with a total sum of RM9.85 million to states throughout Malaysia. McDonald's Malaysia is also among the highest business zakat contributors for the state of Selangor. Throughout the years with huge amounts of business zakat being contributed to Selangor Zakat Board, the institution is very much looking forward to continued contributions from corporate companies out there such as McDonald's Malaysia in order to support the survival of asnaf in Selangor. Not to forget that with the number of asnaf families that are expected to increase as a result of the current economic situation. This means that the need for zakat distribution will also increase in tandem with the increase of asnaf in Selangor,” said Encik Muhd ​​Fikri Naim bin Harun. Head of Collection Division, Selangor Zakat Board.

To further emphasize, McDonald's Malaysia was taken over by Lionhorn Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Reza Group of Saudi Arabia on the 1st of December 2016. Since it has been taken over, the company now has a majority of shareholders who are Muslims. Other than the zakat contribution, McDonald's Malaysia now works very closely with the department of Islamic religious development (JAKIM) to further commit to their halal practice of procedures when it comes to business operations. Furthermore, McDonalds Malaysia is now more involved in Halal programs which includes the International Halal exhibition or also known as Pameran Halal Antarabangsa Malaysia (MIHAS), HALFEST and World Halal Conferences.

To conclude this responsible contribution of zakat payment by McDonald's, McDonald's is running a sincere service to ensure that their services are complemented with good deeds for the nation. They have also provided job opportunities and even educational support for individuals who are interested to further pursuing their careers with McDonald's Malaysia. With their slogan being, I'm Lovin' it, I would say that I’m loving the love that McDonald’s is showing. After all, small actions can go a long way when it comes to setting good examples for other companies to follow.

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