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Kontiki Juadan Kampung Buffet | Ramadan Malaysian cuisine 8th April till 2 May 2022

Honest review at Kontiki The Federal KL Hotel

I have been missing the buka puasa sessions after the long hiatus of being locked at home for the sake of safety. Lucky enough that we’re at the endamic stage where everyone is slowly accepting the new norm. With that being said, my choice of having a decent family buffet iftar would be at none other Kontiki at The Federal KL. This year, Kontiki celebrates rich culture of Malaysian cuisine which will be available from 8 April - 2 May 2022. Without further ado, let me share you my review on the spread. 

The Grilled seafood, Satay and Grille Lamb Section
(lamb was all gone by the time i got time to take a photo)

The main entrance to Kontiki

The Ox tail, Dim Sum, lok-lok and yong tau fu section

A mandatory with the queen of my heart

One for the memories

To celebrate a whole new year, Kontiki at The Federal Kuala Lumpur shares a spread that represents a celebration to embrace togetherness and gratitude. For those looking to spoil their tastebuds with a variety of flavors, you can start making your reservations from 8 April till 2 May 2022 to enjoy the spread prepared by Kontiki. I decided to go with my mother and sister, cause I wanted to enjoy the spread with the people I love most. 

The sashimi and sushi section (There was salmon earlier)

Ikan Bakar section

The popular Fish Head Curry! *Must try

Butter Chili Prawn

Seafood on ice

When we cant decide where to start, we feed the camera first!

Inspired by the rich melting pot of cultures of Malaysia, the chefs at Kontiki prepared a buffet dinner spread which includes traditional Malaysian dishes as the main highlights and, not forgetting the Japanese and Western favorites to choose from. My personal highlights that really attracted my attention while i was there was the Fish Head Curry, the Butter Chili Prawn, the Grilled Lamb slices, the Roast Beef, The Fresh Cut Sashimi based on request, and the Oxtail Soup! I wish I took more photos of it cause it was really REALLY good! 

There's a salad bar as appatizers

Tons of ready made salad for you to try

And being Malaysia, how can we live without the ulam?

Will be topped up when it runs out! 

On top of that, there were a lot of authentic Kampung delicacies to indulge into, and not to forget the traditional delights to compliment your meal for the night. There was an ulam spread, some pulut lemang, kerabu and so much more that I'm pretty sure you would be spoilt for choices while youre there. I had a hard time trying to decided on where to start, and if you're there, you would know why. It was just a lot to really take in with the variety that they offer, especially when youre coming with an empty stomach, everything looks tempting! 

The Tunku's Favourite' Cuisine

Daging Salai Siam *My personal fave

Ketam Chili

Sambal Sotong

Yes, i tried it and loved it like a Prime Minister

A special spread that I enjoyed the most was that they included an ever-lasting favorite from Tunku's Kitchen which belonged to Malaysia's beloved first Prime Minister, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Every night, they will offer different dishes of Tunku's favorites, but for tonight, i got to try the Daging Gulai Siam, Ketam Cili, and Sotong Sambal which had just the right kick of creamy, spicy, and sourish goodness! Between the three, I would have to say my personal favorite was the Daging Gulai Siam. I was told that The Favourite Dishes from the Tunku’s Kitchen or Hidangan Kegemaran Dari Dapur Tunku, most importantly, this legacy cookbook is our Federal Hotels International and The Federal Kuala Lumpur’s tribute dedicated to our Malaysia’s beloved first Prime Minister or our Father of Independence, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Pari Asam Pedas

Yong Tau Fu Station

Lok-lok station

They have Hainanese chicken rice *Kids favourite

Lady Fingers in dried curry

Bone-Marrow Soup or Sup Tulang

At Kontiki, it will surely offer you a bountiful spread of break-fast-centric, traditional dishes and relish in harmoniously balanced flavors that are distinctively Malaysian with a thoughtfully curated buffet of age-old kampung recipes, and rending cooked in great aromas of spices, homely made by traditional flavors that have been passed down through generations. A full range of food stations, serving a vast of Malaysian, Asian, Japanese, and international favorites like satay, noodles, soup to the roast station and so much more to indulge in. the roast station serves a variety of meat selection to suit your taste for the day. There is also a section for vegetarians for those who would enjoy more greens in their diet as well. 

Kuih kuih manis

Kuih Lopez

Variety of Jelly & Pudding

Icy Shaved Iced Cendol

At the dessert corner, Kontiki serves both traditional kuih to western desserts to cater to and satisfy sweet tooth cravers which will definitely cater to any taste bud. My daughter definitely enjoyed the marshmallows with chocolate dipping the most, while I on the other hand enjoyed their caramel pudding and fruity jello because really who wouldn't? There were also really nice kuih which you can indulge in if you're a kuih lover, but I was immediately hooked over the shaved iced section in which I could custom my own ice kacang topped with gula Melaka and rose syrup to cool off and re-hydrate the body from fasting. 

Not to be missed, Teh Tarik *must try

The after-math of the amount of food we consumed

Mummy looking like a queen

An overall thought of the spread, I would have to say that for RM148nett per adult, they offer a pretty widespread with that price. I got to enjoy really good food all in one location, satisfying practically all the cravings that I would have craved for the next few days. Haha. I ended my meal with a cup of their Teh Tarik, and I must say that it hit all the right spots for me. Trust me, their Teh Tarik is made to perfection! The night was very much memorable to me, because not only the food spread was decent, the service provided by their staff was also excellent! I was mostly served by Mr. Ganesh which i would like to highlight that he provided spectacular hospitality to me and my family. Im pretty sure attendees that night would have agreed! The venue itself will also bring food and people together this Ramadan.

The Juadah Kampung Buffet Dinner is available every day from 7pm to 9:30pm from 8 April to 2 May 2022. Prior reservation is required and the price for the buffet would be RM148nett/adult, RM74nett/ senior citizen, and RM48nett/child. Bookings can be made via or you may also opt to call them now at +603 2148 9166 ext. 2239 to book a table or by WhatsApp them through this number +60183712080.

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