Monday, January 23, 2023

Lumi 22 Super Essence | All-in-Ont Firmer, Younger & Glowing Skin

When it comes to younger-looking skin, it's not all about anti-aging, but it's the magic of reverse-aging skin. I've always thought that prevention is better than cure, but sometimes we overlooked the prevention period and realize that it's too late. Nevertheless, im pretty sure you had those moments to look back to and think, 'oh man, I should have done this/that differently', and I know I had my fair amount of regrets. But now, with the Lumi 22 Super Essence, it will help you boost your confidence in so many expectations. 

You might be wondering what is Lumi 22? Lumi 22 is a Supreme Essence that comes in a sachet that offers more than just collagen benefits. It Brightens, Firms, and reverses your appearance within at least 2 weeks of consumption. I know 14 days is too good to be true, but it has been tested and proven by consumers, and im amazed by the results that I had to give it a go for myself as well. Think dull skin, sagging, pigmentations, dark spots, you name it, Lumi 22 will be the solution to your problems.

Since I was lucky to be present at one of the presentations of Lumi 22, it's apparently an alternative to your regular skincare regime, aesthetics, and plastic surgery to resolve anti-aging skin. To keep it short, it functions as an ultimate anti-aging skin supplement that is 100% natural and contains premium ingredients from France, Switzerland, and Japan. These ingredients have been clinically proven, so I'll be doing a self-test for myself to see how good the results will be. 

To consume, all you need to do is to consume 1 sachet every morning and it will give you brighter, firmer & younger-looking skin from top to toe. Based on research, it has managed to provide a result of 26% skin luminosity & 19% skin firming within 8 weeks of consumption. The key ingredient behind this would be Glutathione and secondary anti-oxidants which are combinations of vitamins and minerals. It also contains apple stem cells and astaxanthin which completes a 4-step function to achieve youthful-looking skin.  The 4 steps would consist of Detoxification, Restoration, Defense, and Rejuvenation of cells.

With the upgraded formulation, it offers Triple Action Skin Firming benefits which include collagen protection, collagen production, and collagen replenishment. Not only that it improves skin elasticity, but it also offers Triple-action Skin brightening as well accompanied by super active ingredients namely skinax2, Cerepon-F, and L-Cysteine for brighter appearing skin. With Lumi 22, you can expect triple skin firming & elasticity and triple action brightening & glowing benefits as it helps you to boost immunity in many aspects.

Being in my 30s, I would say im leading toward the product because it slows down the aging process, while also restoring the liver and detoxifying the body. Did I also mention that it helps support better hair, nail, eye, and overall general health? Talking about this, I would say that it's a great supplement for post-partum mothers as well. I know I've been experiencing bad hair days, and im looking forward to better-looking hair with Lumi 22. 

Lumi 22 14 days challenge!

Here's a before photo of my skin under natural light and I'll be doing a 14 days challenge to find out the difference after consuming Lumi 22. I would say im excited to explore the product and if you're just as excited as me to find out about the results, be sure to come back to this post in 2 weeks as I'll be updating this post on the results after 14 days. Do stay tuned as I'll share you progressive results!


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