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Self V-Shape Lifting With SKEYNDOR | Reverse Aging Skin

Not going to lie but turning 30 has gotten to me especially when it comes to double chins. The fact that double chin genetics are pretty standard in my family, and I need to find a solution for this. I've seen my mum going for treatments to make her v-line sharper, but I noticed that it reduced rather than solved the issue most of the time. So with this observation, im taking the safer stage of prevention is always better than cure. Since mine would be considered on the milder side, im so glad to learn about SKEYNDORS  Spain's No 1 Skincare Brand. 

With the presence of over 56 years to date in more than 55 countries, SKEYNDORS has been ranked within the top 15 professional cosmetic brands in the world. With that statement in mind, it sounds really promising when it comes to possible results. The skincare industry itself is competitive, but based on research, did you know that the industry grew by 4% year after year? Now with that, im convinced that SKEYNDORS has been keeping up with consumer needs by providing innovative solutions to people like you and me. 

Global Lift V-Shape Home Care

Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care by SKEYNDOR

I used to be a regular consumer of going to aesthetic clinics for facials, but ever since i became a mom, I wont lie that time is not on my side. Luckily enough, with this innovative Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care by SKEYNDORS  it is now made possible to have a day and night treatment with a lifting effect and firming action to be carried out at home for 15 consecutive days. The set basically is designed for those imperfections that arise around the neck, double chin and neckline areas by improving firmness, elasticity and reducing neck wrinkles. 

Wide spread of Global Lift skincare ranges

Being very familiar with the skincare industry, this by far is the first time I heard about a home skincare range that focuses on the neck, double chin, and neckline area. Apparently as the world leans towards the digital era, we are constantly looking at our mobile devices, which is one of the reasons why our skin starts to sag around the neck area. Based on research, I've been told that with this Global. Lift V-Shape Home Care by SKEYNDORS  reduces wrinkles by 18% and after 3 hours of application, it would make your skin appear 24% firmer and more revitalized. 


Honestly can't wait to try the SKEYNDORS

The secret ingredient behind the product is SKEYNDORS very own ingredient, the anti-aging technology 'ProGEN-in'. The kit will offer you three products namely the V-Shape Anti-Gravity Serum, the V-Shape Anti Gravity Cream, and the V-Shape contouring mask. By using all these products together, it offers immediate tightening effect and lifting action, firming action, defining the facial oval, reducing the volume of the double chin, and as well as wrinkles around the area. 

Cleansing skincare regime

I managed to try the texture and its incredibly light weight & moisturizing

Fun fact, our cells start to age as early as 30 years of age, and an early skincare regime, it will aid in prolonging and maintaining our skin's health. On top of that, sagging skin is caused by the lack of beauty and medical treatments to stimulate collagen synthesis. When the loss of collagen is greater than the stimulation of new ones, our skin loses its tightness and youthfulness resulting in sagging skin. 

How to Use

With SKEYNDOR's Global Lift, apply the serum and cream twice a day, every morning and night. To complete the treatment, apply the V-Shape Mask once a week, after using the Serum and before using the cream. Make sure that the mask is well attached to the chin for 20 to 25 minutes of exposure for best results.

 SKEYNDOR products can be purchased online at or through their authorized beauty salons. For more information, do check out their official sites below.


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