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Virgin Pulp & Pure Cotton Tissues | Carina

Hi guys! It has definitely been a while since I last shared a review. And now being a mom and all, I've been pretty obsessed with finding the right tissue to use at home. To my surprise, I decided to explore Carina, Malaysia's first tissue manufacturer which was established in 2009. The reason why I decided to choose Carina was that I found it interesting that Carina tissues only utilize 100% Virgin Pul and 100% natural pure cotton which pretty much satisfies my consumer needs when it comes to the purest standard of quality. Especially when talking about skin contact with tissue, a zero percent recycling component would be the best kind of tissue to use as it's mild and gentle on the skin. 

Since this is a review, might as well share with you a little introduction to Carina. Carina is basically proudly Malaysian and has been invented to suit the people of SEA where our cuisines, weather, and cultures are pretty much diverse. With the humidity and climate changes in these countries, Carina has designed high-quality tissues that would be useful in terms of convenience, hygiene, and family-friendliness. Not to forget, it's also environmentally friendly as it is soluble in water to protect the environment from harm. In 2023, Carina presents a new concept of sharing a theme of 'We Care, We Love'.


Considering this is my first time trying Carina out, here are my thoughts on it. Personally, for the retail price, it's being sold at, the quality is good and it does what it's supposed to do. Carina tissues offer a wide range offering different sizes, small & big packaging, to suit your needs. Being in a family, obviously my go-to would be the bigger packages cause I have more people living in the house. Don't get me started on the amount of tissue we use when it comes to kids. In terms of packaging, I love the subtle shade of purple that pretty much suits the aesthetics of my home, don't you think? 

On-the-go tissues

As on-the-go tissues, Carina offers the Handkerchief Tissue and the Carina Wallet tissue which is convenient to bring around no matter where you go. The beauty of these travel-friendly sizes would be that you can easily slide them into your pocket or slide them in your hand bag so that you'll have tissues when you need them. I leave these travel-sized tissues everywhere around the house, the car, and basically in all my bags as well, because having a tissue in your bag no matter where you go, will always come in handy.

Health & Beauty Care

Regarding hygiene, Carina also has a good range of products that would suit use for hygiene purposes such as wet wipes, facial cotton, cotton bud, and cotton wool. But the highlight to me would be the Carina Wet Wipes because they are mild and gentle, making them suitable for cleaning and disinfecting to remove dirt or liquid from skin other than surfaces as well. The Carina Cotton range on the other hand is naturally durable, soft, absorbent, and gentle making it perfect to use for skin and even for baby care too! Being a mom, you can never have enough cotton in your life when it comes to diaper changing. 

Kitchen Care

Since I cook pretty often at home now, Carina also offers Kitchenware Tissue that comes in handy when cleaning kitchen surfaces and appliances. I had an incident of oil spill on the counter top and I would highlight that the absorption of the tissue is very impressive considering it left my countertop clean, shiny, and scratch-free. What more can you ask for when it comes to Kitchen Towels?   


And how can I forget the bathroom rolls in the bathroom? I'm pretty sure that you're aware that they are brands that offer 2-ply and 3-ply, but Carina's Bathroom tissues offer 3-plies tissues that offer more strength and are soft to use. As you can see in the close-up, the texture is pretty thick, making it perfect for toilet usage. Rest assured tested and approved, I would really recommend Carina as your toilet tissue as the quality balances out pretty well with the retail price. 


All in all, i would have to say that when it comes to tissue usage, especially for those who prefer gentler types of tissues, Carina is highly recommended by me. Being a Malaysian, considering that its also a Malaysian brand, there's no doubt that it would be my go-to tissue to also boost our economic placement as well for the country. Gotta say that when it comes to pure cotton, and virgin pulp, expect nothing less from Carina. I am aware that now we are using a lot of recycled options in the market, but considering im using it mostly for family and kids, I prioritize what's best for my family. 

In case you're wondering where you can get Carina products, they are conveniently available online and offline depending on your shopping preferences. I got mine from Aeon Big, but they are also available in Aeon Wellness, Econsave, Mydin, NSK, Hot mart, and selected pharmacies. Alternatively, if you like your shopping to be online, you can purchase it from their official e-commerce platforms via Shopee and Lazada.

Review & Win CONTEST ALERT! 

Also contest alert, if you love contests, why not stand a chance to win 3 months of Household Supplies from Carina! The mechanics are pretty simple, as long as you purchase ANY CARINA series, and share your thoughts on the brand through Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok, you'd be in the running to win! The contest will be running from now till 30th April 2023. Below are the steps to join: 

1. Upload a Photo/Video Review of your experience with ANY CARINA series product on Facebook/Instagram/ Tiktok

2. Tell us why you would recommend it & tag @CARINA official Facebook / Instagram / Tiktok

3. Hashtags #MYCarina #WeCareWeLove (remember set post to public).

So what are you waiting for? Join this contest cause who knows, you might be the lucky winner among the 300 winners that CARINA will be choosing. Good luck and all the best! 

Terms & Conditions:
  • 300 Best Reviewers will be selected to WIN 3 Months Carina Household Supplies worth RM150 We will screenshot the winner's post and re-post on our Facebook page start from Feb 2023. Please stay tuned!
  • The gift is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes. We reserve the right to modify and amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Receipts MUST be shown in order to claim the prizes.
  • Each winner is only valid to claim once, same Name & Purchase receipt are not allowed.
  • The purchase receipt is valid from 1st Jan 2023- 31st April 2023 only.
  • The cash voucher worth RM150 is for purchasing CARINA products only, each RM50 cash voucher only valid for 1 month. 
  • Carina reserves the right to modify and amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Carina products can be found in supermarkets or via online. Aeon Big, Aeon Wellness, Econsave, Mydin, NSK, Hot Mart and pharmacy are some of the offline stores. At the same time, you can also get Carina through their official e-commerce platform and the products will be delivered directly to your doorstep! Now, it is very easy to make purchases through Shopee and Lazada.

For more information, contact Carina via Don't forget to follow Carina Malaysia on the following platforms for the latest developments, hygiene awareness info and other exciting announcements in the future.

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