Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Found the Dress

so, the dress, its nothing fancy but it suits my personality. Its turquoise organza & the dress was custom made for me, thanks to my loving aunty. the fact that its custom made, i appreciate that she took the effort to actually design one for me. i love youu aunty :) so, prom is tomorrow & im absolutely not ready for anything! shoes, hair, make up, accessories. so, dont think i'll appear being all dolled up on prom night. im not prepared, and i like doing things last minute. hehe. tomorrow, everything is going to be handled spontaneously. am i awesome or am i what? haha. enough about prom now. so, im taking this oppurtunity to wish

Noorzulaikha Zulkiflee,


yeah, i know your birthday was like a week ago & since i missed your birthday party, i just wanted to officially wish you a very very happy birthday ikha! :) now, to make it up to you, i bought you a birthday present. *yeah, i know im a nice senior. hehe. hope you'll like it ;)

i'll tell daniel to pass it to you next year ait?

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