Wednesday, December 23, 2009



hmm, not sure what to talk about. the fact that im older than you by 5 months or the fact that even when im wearing heels, youre STILL taller than me. i feel so short -.-" hehe. so hazim, finally seventeen huh? feels great to be seventeen kan? haha

now, i know i've been the most diva'ish girlfriend ever but you just have to bare with me (: hehe. i have no idea on how and why would you want to be with such a diva, like seriously. DIVA kot. it must be hard to keep your social life sociable while actually keeping a diva entertained at the same time.

im sorry i cant spend my time with you, especially on your birthday. i would if i could tau? but, yeah. not easy living with such protective parents like mine *sigh* so, im hoping that youre having fun on your birthday. once again, HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY HAZIM!

i might not be tiffany & i might not be the first nor the last to wish you. which makes me no different than average. but there's one thing im sure of, ilym & there's nothing you can do about it HAHA

*the most simples birthday wish i could think of. so, hoped you enjoyed it. haha *hugs*

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