Thursday, December 10, 2009


its been a long time since i last blogged about umm, just anything! haha. back to blogging again. SPM's over and a lot of thing happened these past few months. the laughter, the tears, the sugar rush, the adrenaline, EVERYTHING! so, im not gonna talk about the past. so lets just look forward to whats gonna happen in future, ait? :)

plans i HAVE to so totally have to like, plan :

outing session with :
-syasya sayang and diyanna <3
-syuhadah and the BUD4's
-the tarian gang with our choreographers
-with Haizum Zahirah
-ahmad faiz and some other people
-Fai Fai Fai
-Laurine & Lawrence Tarang
-and no one else but YOU :)

MY GOD! schedules seems tight but im gonna try my very very best to make myself available. *lets hope my dad allows me to like hang out. SPM's over yow, why would you wanna still keep me all locked up at home?* hmmm. OH OH OH, and prom is in another week, and im soooo excited! still havent found my perfect prom dress yet. hunting like MAD. so, lets just hope i'll find my perfect prom dress soon. wish me luck people. hehehe.

over & out.

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