Saturday, December 19, 2009

goodbye buddy

Taken at KFC near SMK Sultan Abdul Samad

see, this was taken 2 years ago, after our last PMR paper. she was like so attached to me. we were practically like sisters. i love youu babe, you do know that ait? she was sweet and sour at times. hehe. oh, and the moments when i skipped school, she'll be all mad and stuff cause i left her alone in class for one whole day. during form 2, i didnt know anyone and she was the only one who didn't mind sitting next to me. basically she was my first ever REAL friend in samad. she knows my background, my life story, who i liked and dislike, how i felt for someone, EVERYTHING! girl, you were always there & i deeply regretted that i didnt visit you when you were at the hospital. well, you know me better than anyone would. i hated the fact that i had to be TOO busy to be able to visit you. really, i do. i could have visited you for 5 minutes at least, and tell you that you'll be fine. but noo. instead, i had to be so all caught up with college. im sorry zakiah, for not being there for you when you really did need me to be there. but i did prayed for your health. the times we shared, the harry potter movie we watched together. yeahh, good times.....

she's safely dimandikan, dikafankan & juga telah disembahyangkan. semoga allah SWT mencucuri rahmat keatas dirinya. Amin *Al-Fatihah.

dear zakiah,

you were everything a friend could ever ask for. you dont talk bad about people, you were honest about everything, and you were my best friend. the past 4 years we've been together, including all those you hitting me moments, the jokes on this indonesian series 'bawang merah, bawang putih' that you kept telling me i was like siska. haha. & at that moment, i really wanted to know everything about the character. and, you gave me the meanie? i know you wanted to be alya, i gave you the character, and we'll start communicating in indon. all those memories, i'll cherish forever! in the good times & bad, you were always there for me. thank you. thank you for all the advices you gave me. thank you for everything! sayangg kat kau, tau?

Nurul Nur Zakiah binti Md Noor
17 November 1992 - 19 December 2009

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