Monday, April 21, 2014

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet


Remember all the times you went to a food buffet and had your stomach filled with culinary delights of all gastronomic genres to the brink of explosion? Imagine having that, but with CLOTHES. IN. A. BAG. Hear ye, Malaysia’s largest clothes buffet is happening this weekend, hosted by A Shopaholic’s Den & LINS Communication on the 25th to 27th of April!

50,000 handpicked pieces will be available for your eye feasts, so don’t miss out on this!

Basically, how this event works is that you pay RM60 for a ‘ticket’, to go in the buffet & ‘eat’ all you want within a 15-minute time frame. You will be given ONE 9×14 inch zip-lock bag and you will be able to fit everything you want into the bag. “If you can zip it, you can keep it.”

Basically, just be there or you might lose out on all the fun (;


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