Monday, July 14, 2014

2.0 Runway

Hello there everyone. Been a pretty busy week for me. And i know some of you are wondering what happened at 2.0 Runway? Well, It was definitely an informative event on fashion x technology. From discussion about online shopping to how do you be trustworthy and convince people to buy and assure them that the product will arrive safely instead of getting cheated.

I had a few speakers which were my ultimate fave during the event, so most likely imma talk about them in this blog cause what they had to say was really an eye opener for me. And i will try my best to  explain what the message was all about.

Startup Speakers attendees 
Cheryl Yeoh - CEO of the Malaysian Global Innovation & creativity centre (MaGIC)
Giulio Xiloyannis - Managing Director of Zalora Malaysia
Johan Ishak - CEO of MyCreative
Kelvin Au - Managing Director of Asian operations
Renee Lodens - Starter of The Travelshopa Blog
Chang Wen - CEO and founder of Ninja Van
Fadza Anuar - Fashion Valet founder
Bernie Eng - Co founder of WaryBee
Tang Siew Wai - ICT and e-commerce for Reebonz/s

Fashion Show
Syomir Izwa
Zalia, By Zalora

First up, would be Renee Lodens. She currently stays in Singapore but originally was from Sydney. Out of all the speakers, she caught my attention the most because what she was talking about was basically on travelling and shopping at the right places. She's the started of the Travelshopa Blog to promote local brands and treasures of destinations around the world.

Her blog eventually became a respected shopping guide and resource for shopper travellers all around the world which is truly amazing! I mean yeah, you may find all the general places that you want to go to shop, but how often can you find places which are away from  tourist attractions? These places are the ones where you can find value to their collection compared to buying high end brands where you can find in any part of the world.

For more info on her website:

And next would be Giulio Xiloyannis, the Managing Director of Zalora Malaysia. I find his work brilliant as he discusses on marketing issues on how much do you spend and at the same time balance it out to how much you're earning. Zalora, as we all know it, has been one of the fastest growing online shopping fashion destination, thanks to the marketing strategies that Zalora has been spending on.

But according to Giulio Xiloyannis, he says marketing wasn't at the top of the list when it comes to spending. Zalora focuses more on delivery services to COD and also to assure that customers are comfortable with shopping with Zalora, as they have a 30 days return policy so that buyers won't hesitate on purchasing online. In fact, Giulio mentioned that they only spent around 10% of what they have on marketing. Which got me going bonkers, cause their marketing online has been pretty well brought up apparently. (you'd be lying if you haven't been noticing Zalora ads)

Zalora's Official Page:

So basically my highlights would be these two speakers, and they were amazeballs! Everyone else was great too, but my top two who inspired me would be Renee and Giulio. Fabulous speakers! Here are some photos from the event btw. Enjoy!

The panel discussion session.
Below would be some of Shomir Izwa's works. A blend of modern and classical into his designs.

One of my favourite designs by the designer. So classy, yet elegant and traditional. 

My date of the day (#dotd)

The crowd during the event. TONS OF PEOPLE!

Meet Renee Lodens, founder. 
So, that pretty much sums up my Friday. I'd say it was very productive. Too bad i didn't get to talk to Giulio, but he seemed too busy to be approached. Oh well, theres always next time. And did i mention that they might have a 2 round of runway 2.0? Looking forward for the next discussion talk. Will try my best to inform all of you about the next event.

Thats all for now, toddles.

With fabulous love,
Sara xx

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