Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I have to admit, that I've been spending pretty much lately. I blame my temptations. 
*puts on my innocent face*

So if you haven't heard, Diva is closing down and will be co-operating with Lovisa in the near future. And yes, Lovisa has some what replaced Diva. But i find Lovisa ain't that bad. They have pretty amazing collections that you can drool over and then make you gasp the minute you turn the label over to see the prices.

If you haven't realised, I'm not exactly a fan of buying full priced items (unless needed urgently), and you may ask why. Because i hate the feeling of regret once something i liked has been marked down really low, like more than 70% off! Just makes me feel like, i have wasted so much money. Could have donated the money for something more worth while. And yes, i do give to charity every once in a while after buying mark down accessories. Here are some photos of what i bought from Lovisa recently.

Yep, 2 necklaces and 2 rings. Cause i have too much bracelets and earrings. *i pledge guilty for owning too much accessories* But i just can't help myself, when its 70% to 80% off how can anyone resist? Especially when you're a shopaholic. Temptations tend to get over you.

Now I'm curious to how much have i saved after buying all these. Time to find out! I shall post photos of the original price and the discounted price.

From Left: Spiral Double Midi Ring, And Tri & Dia Ring

Spiral Double Midi Ring
Original Price:  RM28.90
Discounted Price: RM7

Tri & Dia Ring
Original Price: RM28.90
Discounted Price : RM7

So i bought these two rings and as you can see, it was just RM7 each! I couldn't resist cause it was in silver and i pretty much have too much gold rings, so why not. Pretty happy with this purchase.

Torque and Long Loop in Silver

Torque and Long Loop in Silver
Original Price: RM49.90
Discounted Price: RM16

I liked how its very unusual by having the long loop in the middle. Its simple and i could go all minimalist with a plain body con dress. YES!

Rope Cord Dia & Stone
Original Price: RM109.90
Discounted Price: RM23

This was love! My favourite piece of all! It was like love at first sight and that feeling when you know its the last piece in the store. So i decided to hold on to it till i decided to just get it. I love every detail of it, very dramatic, yet classy. Gold & white or Gold & black always wins in any way. But having gold, black and white? The detail is love. And for RM23?! what the heck.

Anyways, thats all i bought at lovisa, cause i had a budget of less than RM100 to spend. *sobs* But it wasn't that bad to be able to getting all these classy pieces at a fraction of the price.

Total in original price: RM219.60
Total Paid: RM53

Thats a total of RM166.60 savings! And that is why ladies, you have to shop smart. You have all the rights to be jealous btw. *shows tongue* Sale runs this month till end of July or till stocks finish. So be quick. I got all these from KLCC last friday and the sale was hectic. Sometimes it may look like trash at one corner, but remember, trash could be one of your treasures. SO QUICK!  What are you waiting for. Go for a shopping spree!

If you need more details on locations of where you can find Lovisa, there are a few stores that you can find in Malaysia. The few places that you can find in KL / Klang Valley would be at NU Sentral, KLCC, Paradigm, Empire, Mainplace, Sunway Pyramid and Setia City Mall. I went to get these babies at KLCC if you're wondering.

For more information on Location and details:

Lovisa KLCC 
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
Jalan Ampang, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Official Website :

Toddles for now peeps. Will try to keep you lovely people updated on where and what to shop alright.

Tata with love,

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