Friday, July 11, 2014

Forever 21 X Sale

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If you haven't heard, yes, Forever 21 is having a massive sale right now! So if you're looking for new clothes to hunt down, Forever 21 is the place to be as prices of apparel starts as low as RM10 from Forever 21. How cool is that ? Anyway, i just dropped by Forever 21 at Sunway Pyramid today and my buys are to die for! To find out what i got from my Forever 21 haul today, keep on reading.

So here's what i bought 2 Skirts, 1 Top, 1 Jacket, 1 Cardigan, 1 Dress and a pair of heels. Total of 7 items from the store basically. And how much did i spend on all 7 items? Just RM180. It was that cheap! And i asked the sales person of forever 21, and its said that the sale has been running for over a week now. So get your comfy outfits on, and start shopping if you don't want to miss out on all the deals.

And since i did mentioned i'll post up the things that i bought earlier, here is the moment of truth. *drum rolls please*

Black Skirt GunMetal 
Original Price : RM70
Discounted Price: RM10

Beaded Black Dress
Original Price: RM299
Discounted Price : RM30

Tribal Rusty Casual Jacket
Original Price: RM219
Discounted Price: RM30

Beaded Top 
Original Pice: RM139
Discounted Price: RM30

 Cocoa Beaded Skirt
Original Price: RM139
Discounted Price: RM30

Woven Beaded Cardigan
Original Price: RM199
Discounted Price: RM30

Silver/Gold Shoe
Original Price: RM119
Discounted Price: RM20

And thats basically what i got from Forever 21, and since all that was less than RM200, its was like a SUPER STEAL DEAL! I have to admit that I'm a thrift shopper-holic. And yes, its because i don't have all the money in the world to spend and actually I'm still happy :) You don't need money to be happy, all you need is to be smart, love art (As earth without art is eh) and basically live within your means. Why kill yourself to get a bag by starving yourself?

I believe that god will always give you a chance in any way to achieve something, but just remember that to get what you want, you might just have to sacrifice a few things in life. Like rather than going for a sale shopping spree, you might have to not spend the money to be able to afford a prada bag of your own. In my case, i have too many bags already. And its not easy for me to shop and see the things i like. So once i got my eye on it, I'll definitely find a way to just keep it as my own.

And if you're wondering how much i saved from this spree, let me just compare to you the original price and the price that i paid for all of it.

Total of Original Price: RM1184
Total payment of discounted price: RM180

I have never felt so happy for almost spending over RM200 in a day. ahha. Cause usually i don't. but yeah, in my dictionary, money comes and goes. I still have some stash of cash at home, so i guess i needed to spoilt myself a little, since its my birthmonth anyways. And yes readers, I'm turning 22 soon. Which gives me a pretty sucky feeling cause I'm still a kid at heart. boohoo.

Anyways, if you have any other enquiries on Forever 21, feel free to just check out their website to see what kind of clothes they sell. Most of the clothes i bought today was from the Forever 21 Contemporary collection.

Source: F21 official website

For more information on forever 21, head over to one of their official sites:
Official Website:

Don't forget to hit me up with what you guys bought from Forever 21! Would love to see what treasures that you've found in the store.

toodles for now,
Aliza Sara

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