Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Boat Noodle ; A taste of Thailand

Im sure that all of us have heard about famous boat noodle. And this time around, i was lucky enough to meet the Directors of boat noodle himself! Very decent and friendly person with a sense of humour. Its no wonder that Boat Noodle has came this far from its first opening in March 2014 in Damansara Perdana. And currently, boat noodle has 9 branches running and another one opening soon! They're not stopping and still moving forward.

And this is Alvin Chai, one of the directors who managed to make boat noodle a sensation to Malaysians. Well, this happened last Saturday, on the 28th of March to have a chat session with the directors on their growth with food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and more! And its funny that this was my first time at Times Square's branch, as the location is in a new location in Times Square, located in a cute corner of Times Square.

One of the highlights of Boat Noodle would be the interior of it! Never failing to provide the best environment to enjoy their famous RM1.90 noodle. In an architectural point of view, everything seems very raw and i simply love the character of it. Where the furnitures fit in well too, which add a very rustic touch to the environment.

If you haven't tried Boat Noodle, here's a guide to your first visit! Boat Noodle is famous for their small portions noodle in a bowl, and as suggested, its usually recommended to take 4 bowls for 1 person. And you have a choice between beef and chicken with 2 different base flavours, which would be Ayutthaya and Pathumtham. I know, its pretty hard to remember which is which, thus I'm taking the consideration to explain the flavours here in my blog to get yourself prepared.

Ayutthaya: This recipe originates front the Ayutthaya province near Bangkok and has an intense flavour based on a creamy dark broth with no less than ten herbs. The broth has a consistency that is thicker than its Pathumthani cousin and has a brownish appearance. Excitingly rich yet mildly spicy taste and you'll be back for more.

Pathumtham: The Pathumtham recipe is a dark soy sauce derived broth and has an appetisingly sourish with delicate spicy flavour. Made with approximately 19 herbs, it also contains generous usage of five spice powder, star anise and cinnamon sticks. Be careful, this one is addictive!

Ka Num Tuay ( RM1 for 2 pieces)
Thai Popeye's Tempura

They also have sweet and yummy snacks too if you're not feeling like having noodle. I personally love the Ka Num Tuay, where is has this kaya taste like dessert. Not too sweet, not too bitter taste. Yums. And also if you're feeling vegetarian, why not try their Thai Popeye's Tempura? Even if you're not a vege person, you would absolutely love this! Served with a special sauce to add a little 'zing' to your snack.

So if you haven't tried Boat Noodle yet, get yourself there ASAP and let me know what you think about it. WARNING: You might crave for more. I hope you enjoy reading this post. And I'm looking forward to update you with more new exciting launches from Boat Noodle.

Till then, for more information on Boat Noodle's Facebook page.

Khob Khun Ka.
Aliza Sara signing out xx

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