Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Elianto's Warehouse Sale [ 30th March - 3rd April ]

Hey hey hey,

I know everyone is pretty bumped about the GST currently going around social medias everywhere, but here's something to cheer you up! If you missed out on the Warehouse Sale Elianto had last weekend, well, they're decided to extend it online!

If you're wondering whats on sale? Well here are some sneak peaks of whats 90% off! These are crazy deals alright, so don't forget to tell your friends, your family, and your neighbours. Lol, kidding! But yeap, its all stated right here. Im even tempted to get some make up cleansing tissues for myself. Prices goes as low as RM10! 

And thats not even all! If you're looking for make up or cleansing facial care, here are some hot picks for 50% off!

Also, some other products from Elianto that is on sale as well. Do check them out if you see anything you fancy. So what are you waiting for? Time to shop away before stocks run out! Or how Elianto would put it, 'Everything must go'.

Please note that there are delivery charges to be added if you purchase less than RM80. If its above RM80 then its free postage. For more information, head on over to their online warehouse sale here: http://elianto.biz/t/onlinewarehousesale

So thats about it! Hope that slightly made your day more worth while after all the chaos going around. Till then, toddles!

For more information on Elianto: head over to their Facebook or their Official Website

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