Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chu Lips ; Pimp My Chu Lip [On Going Contest]

So, I'm sure you've seen my little superstar in a form of a Chu Lip on my Facebook and Instagram that i've been sharing over the weekend. And if you want to know why it looks uber cute and unique, thats because its in conjunction with the Chu Lip Lipbalm's Pimp My Chulips Workshop! Or if that didn't catch your eye, the lip balm itself is adorable to be bringing around in your handbag.

My little Super Star in action
What is Chu Lip Lipbalm exactly? Well, the Chu Lip lip balm by Mentholatum is famous for its cute dome shape and funky colours of Pink, Red, Purple and Green. And if you're wondering what 'Chu' means, it means kiss in Japanese as its established in Japan. The concept was to make applying lip balm a trend. With its unique design and ultra moisturising properties, applying lip balm has never been as fun as today, thanks to Chu Lips Lipbalm by Metholatum.

The Variety of Chu Lip's Lip Balm.
Fun sized with ultra moisturising properties, and an easy to glide on formulation, its no wonder that the Chu Lip is a must have by us ladies. And of course, not forgetting their uber cute size which makes them extra adorable to be bringing it around in our handbag. Not only that, but all Chu Lip lip balms are formulated with delicious blend of recipes as well as being enhanced with moisturising ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Rose Hip Oil for happy and healthy lips. So much win! #yes

They come in 4 Different Shades and Scents:

1. Pink : Paris, Perfect Memories (Sweet berry scent, mixed with raspberry and peach)
2. Red : NY, Brilliant My Way ( Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose)
3. Purple : Arabian, Floral Shower ( Rose, Germanium and Clove)
4. Green : Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Refreshing scents of Orange, Lime and Mango)

Just to make Chu Lip even more exciting, Metholatum is getting Chu Lip fans to pimp up their Chu Lip lip balm and personalising it to your heart contents! The Chu Lip lip balm has a distinctive design and attractive colours which helps to get your creativity to run wild when you pimp up your Chu Lip lip balm. Call it anything you want, and make it your own so that everyone knows that its officially belongs to you by leaving an artistic mark on it.

Colourful decorative pieces for our Chu Lip at the workshop
In my case, i had some essentials and decorative pieces prepared to get mine started off with. From things that are glittery to small puffy balls to get my imagination going. Creating our own little buddy while infusing our own flair of personality into it was definitely not an easy task but it was definitely a fun experience personalising the type of Chu Lip that we wanted.

Some essentials to create my little superstar.
Pastries anyone ? ;)
As some of you might be aware, Chu Lip is organising a contest in search for the most outstanding creative Chu Lip designs. You can participate this contest by decorating your Chu Lip in your own style with a little creativity, then take photos of your masterpiece and upload it  to Chu Lips' Official Website. If you need some inspirations, you can also check out some of the designs at the gallery which we have already done too! If you haven't gotten yourself a Chu Lip lip balm, head over to any leading pharmacy and get it at a retail price of RM25.90 each.

Our Top 6 Chu Lip designs during the workshop
Some creative Chu Lip's done by 50 bloggers who were at the event.
So, you must be wondering, whats the reward for decorating the best Chu Lip? Well, if being creative is your thing, then you will be able to stand a chance to walk away with 1x brand new iPad Mini 3 or 5x sets of Chu Lip Lipbalms. So remember, in partnership with Watsons, the "Pimp My Chu Lip" Competition will be ongoing from 5th of March until 31st of March 2015. For more details on the contest, you can also head over here.

New and familiar faces at the workshop! 

For more information, don't forget to head to Chu Lip' Official Website and their Facebook Page for further details.


  1. finally somebody blog about this, was wondering what does Chu Lip about. get to know this after read on your blog post. thanks for your share. between, those Chu Lip are so creative and cuteness overloaded to see!

    1. Aww thanks Sharrynn for dropping by! Do join the contest to pimp your Chu Lip as well if you have the time! :)